OCZ Twin R4, Improving What Seemed Unbeatable

OCZ know multiple units SSD by PCI Express, many of them focused on the professional public and others, as the RevoDrive used in the CoolPC Extreme III, shyer (less fast) but also excellent. Today the OCZ twin R4.

R4 for being the fourth revision of a product that already we had echoed us above. OCZ twin R4 Returns with small developments that will be achieved until 2600 MB/s both reading and writing, a figure quite bestial in comparison with domestic court (SSD) solid state drives both traditional hard disks (magnetic).

Obviously OCZ twin R4, like its predecessors, it is a product for companies that need more pointer hardware, and not for any business or work. Each twin unit will consist of 8 SSD controllers combined with the PCIe 2.0 interface as a point of entry and multiple additional technologies: from the better-known TRIM until their own systems of security and encryption of data, or systems of safe storage of data in the event of interruption of the electrical current. All these mechanisms have little importance on our home computers, but are fundamental to many servers systems.

There will be two versions of the Twin R4, called ‘ R ’ and ‘ C ’. The difference between the two is the physical size, dimensions, depending on which will be ready to be mounted in racks of 1U type or complete equipment. Capabilities are of 800 GB 1.6 or 3.2 TB in both cases and the price … do not know, but almost better. A few ‘ miles ’, secure.