Piper Classic, Analysis of The System of Monitoring and Central Home Automation

Home Automation is entering homes and is not surprising. Every time we have more options and, most importantly, they are not only economic but also simple to configure and install. Piper He is one of them, a very interesting controller that combines in a same device a camera that you can use as a surveillance system or other applications.

Piper, features

Piper is an a monitoring system that combines a standard Z-Wave compatible Automation control. Why is it important? Because because it allows to connect extra devices are also compatible with Z-Wave (driver Series 300 Z-Wave) such as intelligent switches, systems of control of opening and closing of doors, plugs smart, etc..

Of course it is not necessary to have extra devices to enjoy and take advantage of Piper. The system integrates a series of features and sensors that already make it interesting by itself only.

Piper ClassicFeatures

Camera HD with 2MP sensor
Viewing angle 180º
Vision Pan, tilt, Zoom and simulation of four views
Audio Built-in speaker and microphone
Siren Power 105dB
Sensors Temperature, humidity, motion, light and sound
Power AC 7, 5W (3 batteries AA as backup system)
Connection Wireless (802.11b/g/n)
Home Automation controller Compatible with controller Z-Wave series 300

First steps with Piper

OK, we’ve seen the characteristics of Piper and suggests ways but sure many may ask you how is the configuration and installation process. Let’s see it.

When we acquire a home automation system the first thing that we fear is that it is complicated or we come not to be able to install it without messing. Well, with Piper that fear disappears nothing more you open the box, you see the product and look at the instructions.

Installation consists of out of the box, insert batteries in the battery compartment – these serve as power supply in the event of a cut in the power supply – connect the power adapter to the mains and then to Piper. Oh, and choose whether you want to use the platform or I cogarlo in the wall.

Now comes the configuration process. Piper is connected and use our Wi-Fi network to transfer data that captures as well as for the transmission of audio and video. Therefore, we need to configure it to connect. The how is very easy through the app for iOS or Android.

With the downloaded application going to network settings and connect to the Piper generated autonomously. Once connected will start a wizard that allows us to choose which network wifi to connect the device. Selected, as in other cases, only it is question of the password. Ready, a process of a minute.

We have already configured Piper, would now what?

Once we have installed and configured Piper next step is see or know what we can do. On the main screen of the application we have access to all:

  • Video monitoring
  • Control of home automation devices
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Motion detection and noise
  • (Microphone and speaker) bi-directional communication system
  • Security

As you can imagine but the idea is that we use it as a security system it is that it is not unreasonable to use it as a home automation controller only, or IP camera through which to see if our children arrived well class, our mascot has made some mischief or simply see that it is all right.

The camera records to 1080 p and offers good quality

This option to see what happens at home at any time is something we do on the Live Video option. If we click we can see everything that the camera captures and even taking advantage of your panoramic view of 180 °, zoom, pan or define sections for more detail see different areas of the room. A simulation of multiple cameras.

As data is also important to know that thanks to your microphone and speaker built-in We can have a two-way conversation from anywhere and at anytime. Of course the idea is to use it to deter potential intruders.

In paragraph Controls will have access to the rest of Z-Wave devices that we have been able to associate. Thus, since Piper app, we will be able to turn on and turn off, activate and deactivate or simply monitor the data that contribute. And this, undoubtedly, is a great value against other surveillance cameras that even couples ride price.

Then there is the issue of surveillance. Thanks to the use of rules we can configure different behaviors Depending on who we are at home, at work or on the road. Thus, according to detected movement, sounds or changes in temperature can stable the type of notification you want to receive or jump or not alarm, beep that sounds really strong.

Piper Classic and Piper NV, two systems that can give much play

Piper Classic, the version that we have analyzed, and Piper NV that is the new model that improves in some aspects (night vision and driver Z-Wave Series 500) are two devices that can give much play.

The user experience is one of its greatest virtues, both in installation and configuration. It is true that a desktop or web client will miss for reference in those cases where we do not have access to our smartphone. But nor do I consider it critical, would be worse upside down and not have mobile app.

In short, as security system is very interesting, but also as a home automation controller. Combine both products into one is a success. Also because we can control several Piper from the same application, one at home and another in the office for example, but above all for its compatibility with Z-Wave.

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