Plug The Webcam with Stickers Is History: There Is Technology to Lock with Key

With the alert we have for years about the possibility of an intruder can access the camera from our desktop or laptop (now also tablet), cover or not to cover the webcam of our teams is an action that many practice.

Different experts rely simply on a sticker (the twist is a comfortable and efficient solution for this) as a direct way to prevent that US spy and that also does not require expertise. Other solutions are disable it at the level of software, but it is no longer an immediate form of cover or not the webcam.

With this premise of ease and at the same time control the solution is available in the market Look & Lock, which have been testing at Engadget a few days.

With the kids home in the spotlight

While an adult has clear the potential danger of a webcam without plugging in a system not suitably protected, a child is not equally aware. With this idea the product part of Look & Lock.

This little accessory is placed over the webcam using an adhesive (if you try to remove it the accessory would break to indicate that it has been manipulated), and allows your locking or opening with the use of a kind of wrench. In reality it isn’t more than a magnet that moves the piece placed on the webcam easily lock.

It is not an infallible protection you can force either one magnet, but it is a more potent than a simple sticker barrier. In addition, the task is done comfortably, especially in environments where children are in front of the computer and we want to have security that does not remove the sticker or similar solutions. It is the adult who controls when the webcam is active or not.

This accessory is sold already by €10 the unit (the price per unit is reduced with the packs of 2 and 3 units), counting each one of them with two keys. After passing by the U.S., the company has started landing in Spain with emails like point of sale, in addition to reaching different agreements with schools that have installed these systems in their computer classrooms.