Remote Monitoring:Technology That Is Revolutionizing the Retail

Increasingly the technology evolves and makes our daily lives more agile and efficient, bringing all its consumers more immediacy in their actions. Cell phones, computers, the Internet and even GPS satellites come showing that today we can solve in a few minutes, sometimes with just one click, issues that once took hours or days to be resolved.

Is exactly the theme retail and mobility that appears as the cover of Superhiper Magazine January 2015. The publication of the OPEN brings strong examples of how mobile and remote technology is transforming the routine of retailers, inserting new platforms and ways to deal not only with customers but also with all the logistics of the company, including the sector of loss prevention and the reduction of operating costs.

When we think about mobile technology logo from the purchases and access made via smart phone. It is normal to face customers as primary users of this type of technology. But what is becoming increasingly common is the use of these solutions by retailers, as shown in an example given by the magazine about reducing costs with improved delivery logistics. Have total control remotely of stocks and of the systems that are in operation in a shop let to more dynamic retailer routine and brings benefits such as agility and immediacy.

This hectic routine retail enterprises increasingly requires solutions that make your environment a safe and fully operational. The Gunnebo’s remote monitoring solutions are pioneers in working with this technology in order to better integrate all procedures from a store. Our main goal is to bring more security, minimize risks and improve the management of the stores through remote procedures that reduce operational costs. This kind of technology works from a distance with various objectives allows us to monitor, for example: intrusion alarms, CCTV, antifurtos antennas and people flow counters. All these solutions rely on sending periodic reports or event occurred, both by email as per SMS. In addition, these reports can integrate various systems according to the needs of each client, such as access control and or temperature.

This is a topic of great importance and in full growth. We need to focus on those technologies and modernise us always to be sure of having the best to become the most competitive retail market and updated. For this, we’ll cover more often the subject of remote monitoring solutions for retailers, with the objective of clarifying questions and bring you more information on this subject.

I am available to answer questions, questions and talk more about this new way of looking at your store routine. Stay tuned! Soon we will bring even more news here for the Blog.