Revenge Served in The Wrong Dish: Brazilian Hackers Confused The NSA with NASA

The discovery of the espionage that the Agency’s security (national)NSA) North American performed on Brazil led a group of Brazilian hackers to revenge. Unfortunately, they were wrong target.

Thus, instead of attacking the NSA web site, the NASA web site hacked, where he conducted a so-called defacement: changed the appearance of this homepage, which left the message “Let us spying”.
A NASA spokesman confirmed that that message had spread on several websites NASA, but stressed that “at no time main sites, the missions or the Agency classified systems were committed”.

The attack came after reveal is that the NSA had spied communications via electronic mail to the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff. The maximum mandatory in the country had planned a visit to the United States on October 23, but these news could endanger such a journey.