RubéN MartíN “Of Android I like Its Free Nature, The Code Is Free and People Can Investigate and Tinkering with It”

Ruben Martin, also known as Sheppy, is natural in Valladolid (Spain) and it has always been technology lover and supporter of free software. Works as a systems administrator and web developer, is a contributor to the Mozilla project since 2004 and very active and recognized member of his community in Spanish, Mozilla Hispano, carrying out tasks of community organization, diffusion and localization.

Why use Android and what was the reason why you started to use Android?

Since I heard about Android I was very interested in the idea, a free operating system for mobile devices, with the backing of Google back. How much was available the first terminal in Spain (HTC Magic) did not hesitate purchasing it and tinkering with it, though Android was very green by that time I had no doubt that was going to expand and represent an important role in the market, as it has been in recent years.

What mobile and/or Android tablet you have now and what you would like to have?

Currently I have a Samsung Galaxy SII how mobile and an Asus Eee Transformer as a tablet. The truth is that I plating does not acquire any new medium term, both terminals meet my needs ample form, although it is true that we have on the horizon very powerful terminals will be at the height of some of the more modest desktop computers.

What use most the Android?

On the phone I use it much for music and podcasts playback, as well as photos and videos. In the tablet use it more to answer mail and be in communication with others (gtalk, skype, social networking…), but I like to use it as a device “all in one”, facility to connect to external displays or use peripherals give you plenty of flexibility in mobility, from playing video games.

What love and what you hate Android?

I like its free nature, with the exception of Google applications, all the code is free and people can investigate, modify and tinker with it, achieving results that benefit all and acquiring an unimaginable potential.

I don’t like the app market model, which follows the same line of other manufacturers requiring developers to create specific applications for each platform and have to “pass the ring” Google to publish in its platform. I think that another model is possible, for example with the use of web applications that make use of new APIs to communicate with the device and work equally on all sides, that the creator can control the rules of where and how to publish their creations, without restrictions.

What are your three essential and why Android applications?

I could not live without the Swype keyboard, since I discovered it, writing in a mobile terminal never has been a nightmare. Even with all the problems of security and privacy known, Whatsapp to communicate with contacts that do not use Android. And of course, Firefox mobile, I like to have all data my browser sync, the flexibility offered by their complements and have the same power as Firefox’s desktop.

Do some game that robe you more tend of which you want?

I’m lately very hooked on the GTA III, it seems to me a masterpiece home to Android. It was very fan of the series on PC, and the people of Rockstar has done a good job at one more than reasonable price. Are recently published games very attractive both visually and with a playability and powerful stories.

Do you regret having downloaded some app in particular?

Right now I do not remember any in particular, but if that bother me applications that are plagued with intrusive advertising or which call for more of the necessary permits and have “bad looking”. Android should have a system to block or refuse certain permissions both globally and in a particular way by application, ultimately many of the improvements of user control that incorporate the ROM cooked by the community.