School Tours: a Wonderful Experience Which You Should Arrange Prioritizing Security

Before we took us in the town where I live, took place than any day in a month of may of will make about six or seven years old, a father was to bid farewell to her eldest daughter who was hiking with their class, and to be of the State in which they were covers of the wheels of the bus is brought the girl home, warning to school that was worth more that thereafter demand safety precautions to the bus companies that hire.

I think that all the parents we should take very seriously safety when our kids go hiking, because inside the coaches are very fragile and vulnerable people which should be protected. As you know, since 2007, the law requires new registration buses to wear seat belts, the majority of them are two points; and what happens when the bus has been registered before? as the responsible company can install belts whenever there is pre installation, good, and that there will.

Even with all the questions that you can ask the subject of school buses (and they are described here); not only that, we are concerned about what happens is that we did not always dare to externalize it. Exemplified with another anecdote: (also years ago) a well known had to demand firmly to her girls school review of its security protocol, once at the end of a school out, he discovered that his daughter (4 years) had not returned to school because he fell asleep in the seat, slid, and the teachers saw her nor did well count. The consequence of that failure was that he returned with the driver (who did not know that he was returning with an occupant) to the garage; in fact all finished in a great fright, and with the girl safely at home.

Is not frighten anyone, simply is that things are going better if there is a collaborative relationship between the school and the family, and parents we get involved to the extent of our possibilities, or it let us to involve ourselves. Not provoked in me the previous incident, so afraid to not permit hereinafter my kids travel with your class, and if you ever have been, our motives have been others.

What do school trips contribute?

Here does not need extending me much, but it’s complementary activities that have a dual purpose: on the one hand children discover themselves in contexts different from the classroom; and on the other they learn from the experience, learning about painting techniques if they go to a Museum, on native flora if they do hiking or on ecosystems if they can-for example – a ‘wetlands’.

It is often argued that students acquire more autonomy, I guess that because they won’t eat at home, or because output is two days, and nor do they sleep in their room that day. In any case, the experience can be very exciting and rewarding, but from the point of view of personal independence, a specific activity does not provide much.

And as for the parents, because sometimes one is left with some uneasiness, others even think that they rest a little more to the children… but it is more positive rejoice by the children, and everything you will discover during the excursion.

The information provides the peace of mind

I am very in favour of that parents will provide us detailed information which should include:

  • Contribution of families: how much will cost us the excursion, reminder that put CAP and raincoat (one example) in the backpack, recommendations for preparing food.
  • Times of departure and arrival.
  • Itineraries, activities.
  • Organization: distribution of students by group, number of teachers who accompany. Who monitors the details of the trip? who performs the tracking from school if there are incidents? How is the count of students?
  • Do buses have seat belts?
  • Businesses of monitors who have contracted They ensure that the activities are adapted to the age of children?
  • Do we should prepare some pocket money to the kids?, you know: for a drink or an ice cream.
  • It can be that you missed me something, in which case you should extend you, if you want to comment…

Let us remember that the teachers understand us, and they are not going to feel chagrin if we raise them all doubts from the trust. They also know that they have a big, big responsibility that some even verbalize that they spend the day of the departure with something of fear, as the teacher of children who told me that she had just exhausted, because in every short stop and recount several times to all of its students

This information should not only be written, but that school could offer to hold a meeting with mums and dads (those who want to or to attend); the truth doesn’t make much sense that you call to ask you to prepare a DIAdem with stars for Christmas function, and not to do so on the occasion of the excursion. In any case, if teachers do not intend it, must be us who ask to meet.

Safety: it is not just thinking about the coaches

I’m going to share with you an information prepared by Mari Angeles Miranda, an expert in child safety, to which we have interviewed here, and that you can follow here; He is a member of the National Association of child safety. They are recommendations applicable to children in general, but in particular to the kids who are in early childhood education, so I’m going to thinning what it’s useful for everyone, and if you are interested, you repasáis specific recommendations.

It is important to understand that the children they tend to have low risk perception, something that is taking with vital experience, they do not know engage in an unknown environment. Therefore, are the adults that would include the anticipation of possible alterations in the course of the activity, and (important!) will give example of safety-oriented behavior.

I understand that tours management can be centralized, and is a Professor, or two who made contacts, and dealing activities, however, information should be generalised: what would not be acceptable, is that a father go to the tutor to see some details about the excursion in itself, or its security, and they do not know how to respond

Aspects to take into account prior to departure: the bound document mentions the establishment of way safe for travels to foot, the identification of appropriate spaces, the procedure in case of emergency (as if you are in a place closed or open), the number of adults per child, the responsibilities of teachers, and the weather forecast.

We have talked a little bit about buses, and expanded the information with a link above, which is repeated at the bottom of page; and do not want to stay without pointing out that in different circumstances, it is difficult that the coaches have appropriate child restraint systems. Do we have to comply with seat belts? at the moment it seems Yes but do not we could learn from other countries – currently only know United States – where school buses are only for this purpose and are therefore very suitable?

Mari Ángeles, which should be secured during the output tells us the Security and control measures as reflective vests according to pathways by which they transit, or personal identification (bracelets, small attached labels to clothes, etc). Also the output will be used to remind the driver education that our children know, and adults will always be a model for students.

And speaking of coaches…

We have mentioned the issue of seat belts, and we must do the same with other obligations as maximum seniority permitted in case of school transport vehicles (16 years old, but if before was not engaged in activity, only ten). Circula Seguro’s expanded hotspots, but rescued some more: soil must be non-slip, should carry a plaque indicating that it is busing, the journey will be maximum one hour, the maximum speed is reduced by 10 kilometers per hour the rest of buses, no child may be standing,…

Blindly trusting the bus company is not enough, I understand that many directors will have it planned excursions looking, but It would be desirable that school made a call to the carrier so check us whether they meet these requirements.

This is are the ideas that I wanted to convey, the intervention of parents or mothers is often able to bring necessary changes the Organization of these complementary activities of the school, is not only responsibility of the director and teachers, because children are not objects that are carried from one place to another, are precious treasures.

I know I repeat, but I sincerely believe that parents confuse the sense of protecting our children, worry about security is not overprotect. For example, my son today is by the mountain, ‘happy as a Partridge’ because parents are who have taken him is hiking and goes with his companions; each meter of the journey made him walk and I trust in the adults in charge of the group. But when it comes the long excursion, which make bus… there if you touch ask the cole (as every year), if the company’s coaches who recruited, ensures les that there are safety belts, and consult about the suitability of the planned activities.