SENTRI, Another Interesting Device for Intelligent Home

The interest in the demotic home grows, also solutions that allow to enjoy and create smart homes. That is why that already are not surprised that any new product that is thrown into Kickstarter related topic get funding. SENTRI is a new device able to combine into a single system all the control you need for your home.

Feel access through external devices such as video surveillance systems cameras, movement, lighting, humidity control, temperature sensors and other extra options. All this with a very attractive design as you can see in the video below.

Really well designed in your physical section, is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Through them, the user can interact and receive information from home as the State of the lights (on or paid), if closed the door and much more. The most interesting is that it integrates with solutions such as Nest, led bulbs smart thermostat, etc..

Simple and elegant, so no user find problems; and intelligent, to create a security system adapted to each user and able to avoid false alarms.

A very interesting product, which will be carried out and that just don’t like not knowing when we will be able to enjoy it in any country.