Should We Trust The Copies of Security in The Cloud?

The backup copies periodical of our most valuable data are fundamental to conserve them effectively in time.

Today, traditional media such as discs hard and optical or tape formats have been incorporated the various services of cloud storage that allows for free or for a small cost save tens of gigabytes on remote servers that are supposed to have a degree of greater security to which we might have at home.

However, there are many cases in which we have seen how the cloud fails multiple reasons leaving us unprotected and with our data lost, deleted or inaccessible for a time. They are the intrinsic dangers of cloud which leads us to ask ourselves if we really trust and if we trust the integrity of the backups we keep on it.

Because according to a study of Western Digital seems to not even We remain confident over the physical media that we can touch and take to the fingertips than in external systems that we do not control.

For example, according to data from Western Digital, more reliable form of backup now are hard disks (something will have to see that it is a company that manufactures them) with a 59% reliability, followed by Flash memories with 41%, the optical media (CD or DVD) with 30% and in last place the cloud and its multiple services with a 22%.

It may be partially biased by the nature of the company that provided them the data. However, the events in the last few years (Megaupload is a clear example) show that the cloud is not currently all reliable that we are trying to sell.

Since weather problems that cut power passing by legal blockages, closure of services forced by changes in legislation or directly because they are not profitable, there are many causes that do not allow us to trust our most valuable data to the cloud as the only “safe” storage source.

Not to mention the anxiety of putting our information in the hard drives from other companies that never I will know exactly what they do with them. Does it mean that don’t have to rely on the cloud?

No and Yes. As in almost everything, have to take the good that offers us but always knowing their potential problems or disadvantages. So no it will surprise us when any virtual service fall and lose our most valuable data.