Six Surveillance Cameras to Keep Controlled Your Home While You’re out

Now that the Easter holidays arrive many of you perhaps go travel somewhere looking for the long-awaited and well-deserved rest, leaving the family home for a few days on a fact that the foreign friends can take advantage of to enter and commit any wrongdoing during our absence.

A good solution to control everything when it happens at home while we are out is the use of surveillance systems such as e.g. IP cameras, that it will allow having everything under control in a comfortable and simple. Here we are going to offer you a selection of some of the most interesting, with prices and specifications for all tastes and needs.

Netatmo Welcome

Our first choice is video surveillance IP camera Netatmo Welcome arriving in this selection by offering the possibility of having to face recognition thanks to the integration of a specific software.

Offers in addition a first level specifications, as It records video at 1080 p with a 130 degree viewing angle and incorporates an infra-red night recording mode, and can store videos in up to 32 GB microSD cards and counting with connectivity to Internet by WiFi 802.11 b/g / or Ethernet cable.

On the negative side, because not everything is good, highlight the absence of zoom (although it is not necessary given its angle of vision) and the fact that cannot be controlled remotely, even though they are “failures” that can be ignored.

The Netatmo Welcome addition is a relatively affordable camera that can be found for a few 200 euros in a large number of specialized web.

MyFox Security Camera

The MyFox Security Camera features with cylindrical design that draws attention, especially if we compare it with other cameras of its range and is part of a range of devices focused on home automation that cover functions such as alarms, doors and windows management control, lights…

In terms of performance the MyFox Security Camera offers a resolution of 720 p with a 30 fps video recording and 130 degree viewing angle which adds motion detection by infrared. It also has night vision also infrared and one in contrast to the previous 4 X zoom.

Has Wi-Fi connectivity via 802.11 Protocol b/g / and deliver one electrical outlet for power like that provides a battery that allows a range of up to 1 hour.

On the negative side say that does not have storage system, so all that is recorded is sent and stored via streaming, for which will necessarily need a subscription that allows recording 7 hours a day for 24 hours for 4.99 euros a month, going at 9.99 euros a month if we also want to preserve these recordings.

D-Link DCS-7517

Is a very interesting model of manufacturer D-Link that account with 5 megapixel optical sensor, resolution up to 2560 × 1920 pixels which It allows to achieve a high quality images well we can see in our smartphone or computer (uses H.264 and MJPEG codecs to reduce the file size) or if we want it, storing a microSD card that we will use as auxiliary support recording.

It integrates a night vision system based on LED lighting by infrared with a range of lighting up to 30 meters and processing of capture and image processing based on WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology that improves the quality of intakes when lighting conditions are not good, and especially when there are clear areas, with much glitter with areas in darkness.

A few notable numbers that translate into a high final price, especially if you compare it with other models that we have seen, for the figure to be paid by the D-Link DCS-7517 amounts to the 849,99 dollars.

Nest Cam

We got a new step in the scale of cameras, so the Nest Cam that we now try descends to the 211 euros and offers some pretty interesting features that should review.

We have already spoken of Nest, the company that Google bought for just over 3000 million dollars, when referring to your other two devices, because it only has two, and now speak of the Nest Cam is one of the best IP camera video surveillance that can be found.

Between your specifications we see as it offers the possibility of record video to 1080 p and 30 fps and all this with a full viewing angle of 130 degrees which also is improved with a zoom 8 X.

Incorporates a sensor movement and 8 LEDS infrared camera and it has bi-directional sound, which means that it allows communication with who is in front of the camera.

With regard to connectivity has connections via USB (which serves as a food), Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Internet and how in the case of the MyFox Security Camera has the disadvantage of not having storage system, so if you want to store the recordings we must hire a service provided by the company as Nest Aware, that allows to store up to 10 days of recording for 10 euros a month

D-Link Smart Home HD Starter Kit

One of the most popular brands of electronics as the D-Link also offers an IP camera, in particular a set full called D-Link Smart Home HD Starter Kit.

This kit is composed of the above-mentioned video surveillance IP camera, a motion sensor and a smart plug, offering three interconnection for this form to better exploit its functions.

If we talk about the hardware of the camera we see how take is not as specifications are concerned, because it has a resolution of the recordings to 720 p and 30 fps and a viewing angle of 86 degrees (a figure below the views in the other alternatives) improved everything with the addition that the zoom 4 X and infrared night vision.

All functions are controlled from a application created for the mobile or Tablet and using it can control any activity to program motion alerts with alerts to the mobile. And all for a price of EUR 353.

TP-Link NC250

Discussed it in his day the this affordable IP camera TP-Link, to talk about whether we can buy for a price that is around 80 euros.

With the TP-Link NC250 Wissler is a device with a size of 137 x 76 x 69 mm that integrates an optical sensor of 1 MP and a resolution of 720 p with night vision and compression of sequences of video using the H.264 codec.

Incorporates a sensor of movement and a microphone it allow to schedule sending alerts and instant notifications when they detect motion or noise through the email address you specify to you or to an FTP server.

It supports wireless connectivity using the protocol 802.11 b/g / in the 2.4 GHz band thanks to which we can control it from the portal in the cloud tplinkcloud regardless of our location, while spotlight is that it can operate as an existing Wi-Fi Network Extender/Repeater.

They are six IP cameras but the variety in the market is huge and find solutions and proposals of all kinds, so if you know some one that you think is interesting you can give us your opinion in the comments… and that Yes, you don’t forget it, enjoy your holiday