Smart Home Is The Panasonic’s Proposal to Monitor Our Home

Yesterday we talk about Bosh and his Home Connect system and test the connected home is, as we have already said, increasingly important for businesses, than other big brand like Panasonic has unveiled its system Panasonic Smart Home to monitor and control our home.

Panasonic joins the companies that they seek to streamline people’s lives using the remote control of all compatible devices that we have in our home and step and if it can be, lighten our energy bill.

The Smart Home system is a secure system that avails of the DECT ULE technology (Ultra Low Energy), used in wireless telephony. Thanks to this way of communicating, all components are connected in a closed network in such a way that it gives an extra security when enable home automation of security systems.

The management is very simple and to control it only will require a Wi-Fi router connected to the network and the application developed by Panasonic (both IOS and Android) on our mobile.

To carry out its functions the system makes use of a main hub which serves as a nexus for the rest of the elements that make up Smart Home. Furthermore the use of DECT ULE allows connections to be established with close distances to the 300 meters, in such a way that it can be usable in homes and large plots.

We have spoken of a central nexus that communicates with the rest of devices using DECT ULE and This in turn makes use of a Wi-Fi network in such a way that we can connect to it from our phone or tablet in order that we can control it remotely regardless of our location.

So can turn on or turn off the lights, control cameras security, turn on or turn off the heating/cooling systems… and all thanks to a series of accessories such as cameras, sensors or smart plugs.

Thanks to Panasonic Smart Home, seeks the same way for the user to get reduce energy consumption, as we can for example turn on way home heating or turn on the oven so that the meal is ready at the time just.

Price and availability

For those interested, Smart Home is presented in different packages, in particular three: a domestic basic security, a domestic security plus package and a monitoring and home control kit. Each of them offers different features and prices and they have different accessories to suit the needs of each user.