Sound Activated Interception Machine With 250 Days Of Standby Time

Compact interception with 6000/150 hour capacity and great sound quality.
This interception machine is specially designed to work in a very long time without having to be recharged.
The built-in, rechargeable battery has high capacity and can be charged again and again after each discharge.
The appliance has unique characteristics in terms of high sound quality and extremely long battery operation-in spite of the compact size.

When the appliance is switched on, you can choose two features:
1. Continuous monitoring-150 hours of operating time on a single charge.
2. Sound-activated bugging-6000 hours of standby on a charge.

In the case of continuous monitoring, recording equipment everything until it is turned off or the battery runs out.
In this mode, the battery last for up to 150 hours-the equivalent of 6 days.

Sound-activated mode captures only when there is sound-fx votes-in the vicinity. When there are no sounds, switch the unit to standby until there come sounds again. The device uses very little power in standby mode and the battery can therefore keep the appliance switched on for incredibly long time.
The battery lasts for up to 6000 hours in standby mode-this is the equivalent of 250 days or approximately 8 months.

Recording is done in MP3-format (22 kHz sampling frequency), which provides a high quality and excellent signal-to-noise ratio.
The device takes up whispering voices in a distance of 2-3 meters and normal speech up to 15 meters.
The sound quality is top notch because of ALC (automatic level control), built-in microphone and integrated preamplifier.

To listen to the recordings, connect the unit to any pc with the supplied specially coded USB cable.
IE plug in one end is of a special type, which is not found in regular shops cannot be copied. Thus you are assured that none other can extract the sound recording, if anyone finds the appliance and will investigate what it is. Without the original, supplied cable is impossible to listen to the recordings.
In addition to the encrypted USB cable, the device without marks on the (“black box design”), so if anyone finds it, they may not know what it can.

-4 GB of storage space for 150 hours of footage
-Rechargeable battery keeps power in up to 150/6000 hours
-MP3 recording format (22 kHz sampling freq.)
-ALC preamp (pre-amplifier) for superior sound
-Each recording is in a separate file
-Dimensions: 55 x 40 x 20 mm

What makes this fashion better than others:
-Power Sleep technology with low power consumption when there is no
-MP3 recording format (22 kHz sampling freq.)
-Compact dimensions in relation to capacity
-Excellent audio sound quality
-Unique USB cable for computer-connection (without the original cable is impossible to eavesdrop on recordings)
-Special software for visualization and quick to listen for long recordings
-BLACK BOX design (no tag or text on your device)
-ALC-function allows you to record both whispers and loud conversation level in good quality
-Each entry in a separate file
-Manufactured in the EUROPEAN UNION