Terminal Board Connections Input/Output IP Camera

IP surveillance cameras allow more functions that only viewed in real time. Also some models of IP cameras have a power strip with connections input/output allows us to communicate with the IP camera via these connections.

Terminal Board Connections Input Output IP Camera

Relay connections camera NeoCoolCam

About the manufacturer Neo Coolcam the meaning of these connections is as follows:

Cameras generally allow two functions: input or output. In the case of NEO inside Coolcam these connections can number from left to right from 1 to 4 as shown in the image


  1. Output-
  2. Output +
  3. Entry +
  4. Input-

In the case of foreign models after locating if our model has these connections we numbered in the same way from 1-4 these connections with the same order of cameras inside.

Relay connections IP Foscam cameras

In the case of Foscam works is very similar to the one of other manufacturers

The meaning of the connectors input/output is as follows:

Pin 1.2: input

Pin 3.4: exit to switch mode. When the alarm is activated are United (closed). This connection allows approximately up to 24W

Detail connections input – output IP Foscam outdoor camera

Terminal Board Connections Input Output IP Camera 2

That can the connections in an IP camera be used are?

Imagine the case we want to install a motion sensor pointing to a different area where the camera focuses. When movement is detected notify the camera in such a way that it starts to burn. In this case we can connect outlet wiring connector from moving to IP camera inputs.

Configure the camera in the service of alarm box ‘ Alarm Input Armed ‘ indicating in this way can be assembled from the inlet connection

After detecting movement the motion sensor shall notify the alarm. In this case we can make the action we need in the camera and start a recording, send email with a screenshot…

Even though you may think this function already camera movement sensor, it is performed in some cases may be useful to this motion detector not in the same place of the camera.

Who can output connections use is in an IP camera?

Connection alarm output is activated with a 5Vdc voltage to activate the box ‘ IO Linkage on alarm “. Use more usual is to connect an external siren 5Vdc output camera connections, so when a movement is detected the siren will emit a sound.

But not only allow this use. We can also manually via an aPP open or close this output contact. Some aPPs as it appears in the image “IP Cam Viewer” allows you to open or remotely closing this contact. So we can remotely connecting or disconnecting this product in this output to 5Vdc. The true value of this output is if we connect an external relay to this output allows a product of higher voltage. In this way we can have an infinite number of applications such as:

Terminal Board Connections Input Output IP Camera 3

  • Open or close a door remotely
  • Turn on or turn off lights or connect
  • Connecting or disconnecting an appliance remotely from your mobile phone using an APP.

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