The Lenovo ThinkPad Dresses Silver: a Renewal with Intel Optane, Best Trackpads, without Bloatware

One of the most important catalogues of laptops will be update soon, we speak of the legendary family Lenovo ThinkPad, Once in the hands of IBM. The renovation is on many levels – technology, software and accessories-, affecting at least nine different teams.

We started with the operating system and the disappearance of the bloatware with the choice of Windows 10 ‘Signature Edition’, in its Pro and Home versions. Lenovo and Microsoft make an effort to lose weight system and eliminate typical unnecessary applications that notebook manufacturers put.

As expected computers come with the seventh generation of Intel processors

Another highlight in the entire line of laptops is the introduction of ‘Precision Touchpad’ technology, with which Microsoft ensures a minimum quality – software and hardware – in this control system. They will try to match things with one of the sections the Mac star.

Aside from new specifications and some frills hardware didn’t want to let it how important the availability of a new color in a family of laptops that had always distinguished by their color “matte black”: now There will be an option “Silver” for some models. Will be some rare, but they look pretty good in pictures.

Here you have it, this is the new silver tone that will have some of the models. This is a ThinkPad T470s

Intel Optane comes into play

The new generation of SSD drives from Intel is here and is called Optane, is based on its technology 3D XPoint, that lays claim to being thousand times faster than the traditional NAND, as well as being ‘non-volatile’: something as if we could use the RAM as a hard drive.

Present in only some models T470p, L470, L570, T470 and T570, can meet with the introduction of a new system of memory that can change the future of the design of the equipment, that Yes, now with small capacities: 16GB.

No less important is the thrust that will have the port USB-C with all of these teams, and especially highlight the same relationship with Thunderbolt 3. This automatically opens the door to new and exciting accessories that make laptops more capable and flexible.

ThinkPad Yoga 370

Screen of 13.3 inch and Full HD resolution, is sandwiched in between models Yoga of 12.5 and 14-inch Lenovo already had in catalog. I.e., it does not replace any, it is a new team designed for the professional sector, also for demanding home users.

Things to keep in mind with this new team: Thunderbolt 3, support of pencil integrated screen, a hinge that allows to rotate 360-degree screen, and a weight of only 1.44 kg.

This is one of those ThinkPad which may be black, or in silver, in both cases there will be that wait for March in the coming year, with prices that easily exceed the 1.300 euros.

ThinkPad T470

Lenovo qualifies you as a computer for work, the T470 takes security as a fingerprint sensor systems and infrared camera to make use of Windows Hello. The screen size is 14 inch, with Full HD resolution and a GeForce graphics 940MX responsible for moving it.

This laptop is one of which opens with the 16GB of Intel Optane, and usa Thunderbolt 3 masked in port USB-C, which opens the doors to new accessories designed for the occasion: screens and docks with a multitude of ports.

It can put you up to 32GB of RAM and has a system of double battery that allows you to fit 23 Wh in the front area, and 48/73 Wh in the rear. This will be sold from February, the base in United States price is $ 914.

ThinkPad T570

Other portable hard for demanding users who need more screen, 15.6-inch (you can choose 4K resolution). The ThinkPad T570 arrives to replace the T560 model and will go on sale in March, from $900.

Here we have again in option those 16 GB memory Intel Optane, the Thunderbolt port 3, the graphics GeForce 940MX, security systems commented on your previous computer, and up to 1 TB format SSD.

With respect to the model that replaces has been lowering the price significantly until the 1.99 pounds. Its size allows you to have space for a numeric keypad and accommodate a battery that gives up to 21 hours of life.

ThinkPad T470s

This is the replacement for the T460s. comes with screen of 14 inch -WQHD – this model you can buy in February in the colors silver or matte black, yet there are no details about its price. We could say that this is an option more attractive and light the previous T470, with similar performance: weighs 1.36 kilos.

As almost all his fellow presentation is delighted to support Thunberbolt 3, interestingly it can be charged through it, but also continues to be the proprietary port of Lenovo. Autonomy gives for more than 8 hours of life.

ThinkPad T470p

Comes in March to replace the ThinkPad T460p and as it tells us the letter ‘p’, this is the performance of the team version of 14 inch from the House. Takes screen WQHD or Full HD, in both cases associated with a graphics Nvidia GeForce 940MX. Expected is that this version takes a more powerful processor, Quad-core.

This team curiously does not use ports USB-C, nor nor presents Thunderbolt 3 support. It is rare that yes they have agreed give you the option of putting Intel Optane 16 GB unit.

ThinkPad 13

The little boy’s family renewed this January, continues to display Full HD of 13 inch, It can also be touch, is choice. You can get in the United States starting at $675.

Innovations are to be found in the backlit keyboard Optionally, the port USB-C, or a faster SSD hard drives of up to 512GB. Yes, this model we will find with the new silver-colored.

ThinkPad X 270

This becomes to remove in the Middle makes the ThinkPad X 260, with a display of 12.5 inch and Full HD resolution. Dare with port USB-C – data and load – and up to 512 GB SSD format, on a faster drive.

This laptop is destined to be one of the most interesting for those who seek autonomy and portability, the 260 boasted of 17 hours of life with its extended battery. The new model will walk out there, if it is not overtaken by it. It is on sale in March from $900.

Monitors and docks with USB-C

The offer is completed with accessories such as monitors without frames, with a size of 24 to 28 inches. Employ panels IPS and ports USB-C that give energy to the laptops, they also have four USB 3.0 ports and a DisplayPort output if you want to place a second screen.

The other that we offer are docks with ports that allow us to connect two monitors 4K using the Thunderbolt 3 technology, or two 1080 p through the normal USB-C. In addition to data, those ports also transmit load.