The New Chamber of Netatmo Tea Says Your Smartwatch Itself Who Haunts Your House Is an Animal, Car or Person

An element that increasingly we will see more on home systems in private households are advanced cameras. Already it is not enough to collect images, importantly interpret what is seeing and let us know if necessary.

The Netatmo Presence It is a new security camera which has an algorithm that distinguishes if who walks ahead of our House or garden is a car, a person or an animal. Depending on what you decide to configure as a danger to our House, he will come to us or not notice to our smartphone.

Alerts and real time video broadcast

The security camera Netatmo Presence allows you to set different alarms and warnings in the application for iOS or Android (there is also the smartwatches version). Are all you personalizabas and we can choose what kind of alerts, when and the actions to take when the system detects the presence of a person, a car or an animal. At the end we get a kind of timeline of what happens in front of House.

With the help of the application detection zones can be configured making jump alarms, such as presence of night in front of the main door or the garage. The camera recording is with quality 1080 p, It has WiFi connection with House and it stored on your microSD card can be transferred automatically to a personal server in addition to the smartphone or PC (protected transmission).

The system is also capable of detecting if someone unauthorized tries to access the contents of the camera from an unapproved IP or a non-registered device.

The Presence system is formed by a camera with night vision and very well integrated (it has 100-degree viewing angle and is resistant to rain and dust) and hidden in a device that merges perfectly with a light outside of House. In fact the focus is functional and it can be used both to create a powerful light for night video with quality as to simulate that there is someone at home at certain hours programming it or activate it when we get home and we have no light to reach the front door.

The new Netatmo Presence has planned arrival at the market in April but still not announced price.