The New Wi-Fi 802. 11ah “HaLow” Wants to Kill The Bluetooth in The Houses

It may your home much of your devices still not be compatible with WiFi connectivity ac. As you know there are new specification recently presented in Las Vegas and the clear promise of improve how connected the different devices that we have at home.

The Wi-Fi Alliance does not graduate devices with connectivity 802. 11ah until 2018 but more promising wireless home connectivity is already set. And picked up the last name of HaLow.

Less consumption, and better range indoors

The new specification Wi-Fi newly announced doesn’t skimp on promises in order to beat the bluetooth as Star connection at home and between devices. To achieve this it addresses its great pending subject, consumption, matching according to WiFi Alliance to the Bluetooth Smart. But his major contribution is the possibility of working in the 900 Hz band (in disuse due to the end of fixed wireless phones not DECT), which allows one better coverage and scope in interiors.

The low consumption of the new WiFi ah be added better coverage indoors, which is where aspires to reign

According to Wifi Alliance, the range indoors the double than the current Wi-Fi connection, and also more robust and capable of dealing with physical barriers and walls. And all this with the same security than current WiFi networks.

Although this future WiFi connectivity will be compatible with all systems operating at 2.4 and 5 GHz will not currently be TVs, smartphones or laptops that end up connecting to it. Its main customers will be wearables, accessories and household devices connected that they currently rely on the bluetooth to communicate with them. So it is not a priori concern than the bandwidth of this Wi-Fi 802. 11ah will be initially lower than that currently offers Wi-Fi specification ac dating back to 2013.

But there is another key point to understand the importance that the wearables and the connected home devices are compatible with the future Wi-Fi specification: the clear trend of these teams is not only to connect between them but to Internet, and not rely on a bridge to make it as happens now with BT is a huge step.