The Rolling Bot LG Tea Help to Monitor Your Home from Your Smartphone

Aspects as the security of our home and monitoring to have everything controlled, are increasingly valued by users and in this proceeding the smartphone has gone, given its development, play a fundamental role in combination with gadgets like this that concerns us, the LG rolling Bot.

The first time we see the Rolling Bot many We think of the lovable robot, Sphero BB 8, that co-stars, so could say you, the latest installment of Star Wars, because their movements and their round shape are a mark of identity that does not go unnoticed.

We could say that LG, the signature creator of this gadget It was inspired by the famous droid and the MWC past has been the perfect showcase to present what can give of themselves this vigilante self-employed.

As we have already said, is a gadget with ball-shaped for which we will use our smartphone but not directly, such as Bluetooth, but that We can manage it from anywhere where are connected to the Internet by using the application LG Friends.

This aspect is essential if we want to having watched our home from anywhere without being present and also say that it is what separates functions that could have as a toy which also offers as a tool to improve security.

To carry out their tasks with rigour and as “a good professional” Rolling Bot account within its small sphere with a 8 megapixel camera with freedom of movement of 15 degrees up and down to be able to control what happens in our home from a distance.

Also has a microphone and a speaker to talk to people that they are at that time along with the “robot” along with a slot for Cards microSD and an infrared port.

Price and availability

Is it a toy or a gadget intended for other purposes? We could say that half and half and if you are interested in get one let you know that by now LG not It has set or the price that will be released or its release date.

The future of the domestic surveillance?

With the drones at the peak of the wave, IP surveillance cameras flooding the corners and now these small automated friends, * we are experiencing a revival of the concept of surveillance, already not supported both in passive systems such as traditional alarms, they now are new gadgets that supported on the smartphone models help us to control any activity that is carried out in our home.

Devices than seen may now cause some surprise to see them run, but to think as they would make 10 or 20 years when all this would not be to rather than being some crazy visionary dream. It is a personalized, tailored to every user monitoring models and do not think that futuristic reality that we both have in film and television may not be so far… or not?