Thermometer with Camera Spy Hidden Inside

Thermometer with Camera Spy Hidden Inside

Following the catalogue of products with spy cameras, this time I want to show an thermometer with camera spy hidden inside.

Thermometer with Camera Spy Hidden Inside

This product does a thermometer functions, i.e. does not measure the temperature. This common design used in our houses to hide inside a camera spy. Being it only function of the product the camera hidden concealed in the design of a thermometer.

Containing spy camera

The thermometer inside includes a camera with HD resolution 720 p and a mini USB cable to download pictures or videos on a computer.

How to manage thermometer with camera spy

In the back of the camera spy can be found:

  • Button A
  • Button B
  • Mini usb connector

Turn the camera on and off spyware

First of all, it is necessary to charge the thermometer connecting the USB cable to a computer.

To turn on the camera press button A for 3 seconds until the light on the front panel is lit.

You must keep this button A for 3 seconds to turn off the same way.

Take video recordings manually

When turned on the camera, to start manual recording of video can press B button a long press. Red led blinks twice and turns off, starting the recording. Performs a short B button press to finish.

In case of motion detection recording.

After you turn on the camera, it carries out a short button press. The light will blink 6 times recording in memory if a movement is detected. To end this function again press button A with a short press

How to take pictures with camera spy

When turned on the camera makes a short button B. press The led will Flash and will take an image

Change time and date of recordings

In the folder named New you can create a text document with the name in lowercase time. TXT with the date and time in the format 2017.01.30 00:00:00 with the content: year, month, day, hour, minute, second.

After recording the file and the camera turn on with this information is set the time and date according to the inserted information.