These Are The Main Innovations of Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Once Microsoft far in March some of its new, update Windows 10 Anniversary Update It started to spread on 2 August among all the users. It’s their first major update, with which Microsoft celebrates the first anniversary of your operating system.

Among the novelties that we enjoy is expected extensions for Microsoft Edge, the official arrival of the Ubuntu Bash, or an Ink Windows that take better advantage of optical pens. We also have new security features, improvements in Cortana and convergence coming to Xbox One.

Before you begin, highlights video

Before entering matter to carefully discuss innovations the Anniversary Update, including for those who have not time to read everything We have created a small video-summary. In it you have the news explained in just four minutes, a small snack before you begin to explain them more carefully.

Bash officially becomes Windows 10

One of the ads has made more noise among the developer community is the arrival of the Ubuntu Bash Windows 10. Initially it was planned to keep this feature only in the the Insider Preview builds, but pushed by Microsoft users ended up announcing that it would be included in the Anniversary Update.

With the Ubuntu Bash, you can use the syntax in Linux paths to explore Windows 10 directories, access to remote servers via ssh or launch editors such as emacs to work on the universal applications of Windows code. We have also found that it is possible to install common packages thanks to full access to the APT Manager.

It remains to be seen where are capable of carrying the developers of this tool now that becomes available for everyone. At the moment, having only been in the builds for Insiders, already has been achieved run the Ubuntu Unity desktop environment Windows 10, showing that the Windows Linux Subsystem (WLS) is able to run a desktop environment complete.

Microsoft has already been advised that He is working on new features as tools of command line of GNU as grep, sed and awk, file systems and symlink support, or to fully use apt and apt-get commands for installations, upgrades, or testing of packages. They also have in mind implementing basic functionality for NodeJS/npm languages, Python or Perl and lines of commands such as Vim, Emacs, Git and SSH.

To activate the Bash, you have to enter settings and hit update and security. There go to the option for programmers and programmer mode. Now use the start menu to find the program enable or disable Windows features, and enables the Windows subsystem for Linux. Already, the team It will make the necessary changes and reboot, after which you only have to search Bash in the start menu.

More security: Windows Hello and Windows Defender

The first major update of Windows 10 also brings some improvements to our security. The first one is Windows Hello, with which we have access to a new biometric control for logging on the PC or some applications: our face. Windows will recognize us by the webcam and we won’t need passwords. It will also allow to use the Companion devices for unlocking.

To configure it only we have to enter the settings menu and choose accounts, within which we will choose the logon options tab. There we have the Windows Hello option, although If we are using a desktop computer or laptop without a camera as much as possible is to tell us that the option is not available.

Windows Defender also now has a greater presence. Its main novelty is the Limited Periodic Scanning, that complements antivirus you have installed in our computer performing regular scans to detect and eliminate threats that you may have missed you.

It is only available when security in real-time to handle third-party applications, and analyze our computer choosing the best time not to interfere in our work, in the performance of the team or its autonomy. If we do not have any antivirus option will not be available, since defend deals with analyze it all in real time.

More elements to the tab itself to defend in security settings have also been included. It now also you can enable or disable advanced notifications, and an option is included with that scan your computer for find malware when we are offline. Come on, increasingly more antivirus features.

In the business version of Windows 10, update is also included a defend Advanced Threat Protection for detect, investigate, and respond to attacks using a wide network of sensors and protection experts. Beside they have also added a Windows Information Protection aimed at protecting companies from accidental leaks of data.

Windows Ink power using optical pens

Another novelty to which more importance has been given of this update is to turn one that fewer users can use. Windows Ink, that is you will only be active if we have active some digital pen that I have synced with the PC. If this is your case, you will see the icon of a pencil at the bottom right with all its functions.

This new system to interact with your screen includes a series of new applications. Among them, two of the most prominent are Screen Sketch, which allows you to paint on your screen by catch, or a Sketchpad that is an advanced drawing application that let your imagination by drawing on the screen.

It also has a system of post-its called Sticky Notes in this case if it can be used without stylus. It does not only serve so you can fill the notes desktop, but also for Cortana read them and identify those that can be used as reminders, allowing you to configure alerts based on what you write on them.

Cortana continues to improve

And speaking of Cortana, the wizard of Microsoft also improves significantly. From now it will be much more present in everything we do. And will like it or not, because now already we can extinguish the wizard, Although you can configure it to limit the information to which it has access.

It can also be used from the lock screen before logging in with the team, and implements new commands such as the of “playing music rock”, which will open Groove to play music from the genre that you ask. Everything shows continue to be configurable from your notebook tab, which added the option of permissions from which delimit access to the location or contacts.

Has been added a system of contextual conversation to better understand your questions. In this way, if after asking that play music you say you simply to change song, you know the context of the sentence and added new songs to the playlist queue. You can also monitor your mail in search of data such as schedules in the style of Google Now, and allows you to create reminders for practically anything with a system of voice notes.

If you have Cortana in your Android or iOS can synchronize with them for show notifications on your mobile. Unfortunately, Cortana is available in Spanish for these operating systems, so it’s time the mirroring of notifications can only be used with Windows Phone. In addition, some of the commands of the wizard in the PC nor have been translated to the Spanish, so it will be expected to take advantage of the wizard to the maximum.

More order notifications and start menu

The menus home and notifications have also received some improvements. They are minor aesthetic details, but help that content is more organized and better display. For example, in the start menu no longer have to click on the option to see all applications, since these now shown directly and you only have to scroll to see them.

At the same time, on the start menu options of startup and shutdown, Explorer files and settings have changed site: now shown in a new bar located on the left hand side. She has been also carried icon profile from which change account or logout.

They have also put order in the activity center. Now notifications are separated depending on the application that come, and the icon has been moved to the part of the right in the taskbar. In fact, this icon now shows the number of notices that we accumulate, and when we bring a new origin application icon will appear. The popup window with the notification itself has also changed to display even more information.

Microsoft Edge finally has extensions

Before the release of Windows 10, Microsoft assumed much of its imminent new browser, that you wanted to leave behind the was Internet Explorer and offer a much more modern technology to try to compete with Chrome, Firefox and company. But the arrival of Edge was a bit decaffeinated, since they were still missing a few vital functions.

But now Edge leave that kind of beta version which has been a year, and with the Anniversary Update adds options such as integration with Cortana and allows us to synchronize our passwords and bookmarks on the cloud, an option that missed and which will allow us to Resync our data on any device with Windows 10.

And Yes, they have included finally expected extensions system, which after a few months of testing already is available to all users. At the moment there are not many other extensions, but most are of great services like Adblock and AdBlock Plus, LastPass, Evernote, Amazon, Pinterest, or Pocket.

To access them only you have to go to the ellipse menu in the top right and scroll to the option extensions, which will be listed which go installing and you’ll have a link to the app store. Is it how you will install them, simply enter in the profile that you want and download it as any other application.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update also It improves Edge power management using less CPU cycles. The browser now consumes less memory, and minimizing the impact of Flash ads and applications in the background. It also improves the use of standards such as HTML 5, making the structures and content of the pages to be exposed more clearly. Also now you can also set tabs, enable web notifications or navigate with gestures.

The Xbox One is added to the convergence

The update also brings some new features designed for gamers, so much for computer and Xbox One console. The most important is the new “Xbox Play Anywhere”, which will allow you only have to buy the game once and for using it to both console and PC.

Microsoft Studios is currently the only developer that we know that you bet on this kind of games converging, which will be on sale through the Store Windows. Even so, continues to be good news that future titles like Forza Motorsport 6: Apex will play is both PC and console having to buy them only once.

The Anniversary Update also allows you to convert your Xbox to PC in a new step towards total convergence of Microsoft and their platforms. For example, from now on your Xbox One can use the catalogue of universal applications He can now enjoy on PC.

This conversion of the Microsoft console in computer is accompanied by support to use keyboards and mice, and also the arrival of Cortana. The Windows wizard will use voice commands to find new games in its catalog or perform basic tasks such as turn on / off the console.

Small enhancements in the customization

And last but not least, implements Windows 10 new options to customize the operating system. Certainly the most striking is the new dark theme for instead of white, windows applications are seen in black. Also another option to change the color to title bar.

In addition, the option of customization within the system configuration has been included a new tab to configure the taskbar. She shows more accessible and organized options as the lock it, auto-hide, or use smaller buttons to make better use of the screen. You can also choose the location of the bar.

How can I update it?

Microsoft will be releasing their Anniversary Update progressively among all the users of Windows 10, which is what it always does with their updates. This means that if it takes the message update you not have to worry about, because it is safest that throughout the day of its launch.

If wait is not with you, you can always go to the update section and security within the system configuration and go to the tab of Windows Update. Once there, you can give to the find update button to treat of find and start the update manually. But come on, as you have said you do not have to worry about because it will end up coming to us all.

Obviously, this update is only for Windows 10. If you don’t have the latest operating system from Microsoft and want to try the new update without paying, the only thing you can do is sign up for the Microsoft Insider program and test the current build. That Yes, being a beta testing program in a few weeks will begin receiving new not stable betas of Windows 10. If you like the final versions of the operating system have buy it.