Travel in Vehicles: Child Restraint Systems Are The Best Life Insurance on The Child

This week the General Directorate of traffic will be watching the use of seat belt and systems of child restraint (SRI) in urban and interurban roads. Both are mandatory for the occupants of the vehicle, regardless of the length of the journey, and its use is saving many lives around the world.

According to various studies of the European Union, fasten your seat belt when travelling in a vehicle save the life to more than 7,000 people in the European Union each year

One of the goals envisaged in the strategy of traffic safety approved by the Government for the years 2011-2020 is to achieve that No child loses the life by not go sitting on a Chair suitable for their weight and height.
To achieve this objective, it is essential that parents or adults carrying children are aware of the importance of its use since RIS are the best child’s life insurance.

In 2012, 11 of 36 deceased minors travelling in tourism or developing long-distance van not wearing any restraint system. Worst situation occurred in urban routes, where 4 children killed in tourism none wore a retention device.

If the displacement of children in vehicles are made by adults who will be responsible?

  • Parents or adults should set an example by always putting us seat belt, since the Children Act by imitation.
  • Do not let down guard on short routes. Home to school travel is where accumulate the highest number of risk behaviours.
  • Never carry children in arms.
  • Harnesses or belts must be adjusted, without gaps and over the shoulder. They have that be comfortable and secure.
  • When you purchase a child restraint system, it is important to check that the Chair is approved and that the installation in the vehicle is correct. The best option is the anchor using the ISOFIX system. A poorly placed seat increases fourfold the risk of infant death in the event of a traffic accident.
  • It is very important disable the airbag when it is placed in the front seat chair, away from the March.

The following table briefly explains how to bring children under 12 years (and I will remember the most frequent mistakes we make)

As I have mentioned, this week that has just begun the grouping of Civil Guard traffic officers, and the regional and local policemen to join the campaign, increase the monitoring of the use of the belt safety and child restraint both on interurban roads and urban systems, since the wearing of seatbelts on urban roads is lower than which is made on interurban roads.

I think that we should have a vision that is more oriented to the security and protection of our, I mean: ‘take the child in his seat because I want to do the right thing’. However, corrective measures are sometimes necessary, for example if you denounce for committing a serious infringement, the penalty is $ 200 and loss of three points.