TriVision H.264 HD IP Camera Review

TriVision H. 264 HD IP camera in the H TestDie TriVision. h.264 network camera not only visually makes a high-quality and successful impression, but she could deliver good results at the movies at any time in the test.

TriVision H.264 HD IP Camera Review 2

This model can be monitored reliably and comfortably certain areas at work or for private purposes. To do this, you can easily connect your Internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or PC via LAN or WiFi to the surveillance camera and control from here. Now, it can be seen from anywhere in the world from the desired range. In addition, you have the possibility to record the videos on your Micro SD card or other storage media.

TriVision H.264 HD IP Camera Review

For sharp videos provides the innovative technology of the camera that achieves quality HD 720p (see meanings of Hard Drive). At the same time, an excellent sound quality is ensured by the AAC audio equipment.

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Even in the dark you can monitor desired areas with this model, as with the IR LED lighting up to 12 m night vision are possible. Also areas in the outdoor area can be with the TriVision H. 264 filming, without that you must take into account the weather. The rugged and the special material reliably protect the camera from rain. The motion detection in the test has proved to be particularly useful.

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With this function, the camera films only if something in the scene is moving. Optionally you can have with the alarm function of the camera these images automatically by email to. Only the price remains a small shortcoming. Comparable good models are available for 100 euros of less.

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