Vodafone ONE Professional Will Boost Companies in Digital Processing and Presence on The Internet

We continue meeting new proposals of the operators in the MWC 2016 and returns to be the turn of operators, in this case, a potentiation of the convergent package Vodafone One for professionals is now complemented by a range of solutions aimed at promote the digital transformation of small enterprises to promote your business on the internet based on three pillars: advise on management information, relationship with customers and the technological support.

According to recent studies, less than 30% of the self-employed have website or presence active in social networks, which demonstrates a lack of knowledge of the real benefits that the network business. To fix this, born Vodafone ONE professional with a suite of solutions to meet the demand for self-employed and SMEs in relation to the digitalization of business, security, collaboration tools and improve the experience of customers who fall into this new product, available from March.

Vodafone ONE professional solutions

Vodafone ONE professional thus complements your package that includes fixed, mobile, through broadband connection ADSL or fiber, and television for offices with waiting rooms and hospitality with the following solutions:

  • Your online business: It offers a complete solution for digital marketing in QDQ Media asociacioncon that will design and create a website customized for the client, managing digital campaigns of positioning in the major search engines, directly manage the contents of the web from a platform of personal, follow the results of campaigns, etc..

Also includes a specialized advice Manager to always get the best results of the campaigns. Prices will vary according to the services in which you are interested as shown in the following image:

  • Professional solution: It ensures the specialized technical assistance of a computer, tablet and smartphone in case of incidents. A team of experts will assist online customer, through telephone or in person, moving to his place of work when you need it. In the event of failure of the device, Vodafone repair it without cost and home to not waste time in travel, and provide a loan phone. This service has a cost of € 4.13/month.
  • Google Apps: connectivity and cloud-based productivity solution allows the customer to have a storage unlimited and secure documentation, have a calendar shared and synced, management of collaborative documents, anywhere and any place, from €8 / month.
  • WiFi for your business: A professional service to offer free WiFi to customers of a business, creating a professional image and ensuring the security of your own private network. It is aimed at small businesses that have an establishment in the face to the public with waiting room (hospitality, medical consultations, hair salons, services, etc…). Through the ‘Wifi for your business’ device, customer will have access to a web portal where you can customize the home page that users will see when you connect to the Wifi of your business and will allow information and statistics of the connections of their customers. This service has a cost of €6 / month.
  • Fixed IP: The service of fixed IP that allows professionals and small businesses have a remote connection with your business, being able to have access to video surveillance cameras, connection to the information systems business of safely from anywhere and offer its employees or suppliers a service of the internet from your own server. From €9 / month.

Andres Vicente, director general of the unit’s business of businesses of Vodafone Spain, highlighted during the presentation this morning that “this release changes completely the commercial proposal for the segment of small businesses and professionals. Currently there is no solution on the market that cover these needs in digitizing material, and we want to consolidate our position as the best technology partner for micro-enterprises and professionals, promoting the digital transformation of their business with Vodafone ONE professional solutions”.