‘Waymo’ Will Be The New Independent Company of Alphabet (Google) Responsible for Autonomous Cars

Steve Mahan, the first blind passenger travelling in a stand-alone car developed by Waymo.

After several rumors and information on the future of the division of autonomous cars in Google, that until a few hours ago belonged to the Department of special projects ‘Google X’, finally Alphabet has confirmed the birth of ‘Waymo’, the company who will be responsible for follow-up on the autonomous car projects in the company.

Waymo is spreading Google x, after six years, to create an independent company within the Alphabet, which will remain under the shelter of the Mountain View company but with greater room for manoeuvre and decision-making, this in order to mature in the face the next decade that points to be decisive for the future of the autonomous car.

“Waymo is not a car company”

The CEO of Waymo will be John Krafcik, who has mentioned that it is ready to remove the “experimental” label to the company and turn it into an independent business, but above all cost effective for Alphabet.

The first details of Waymo as a separate company, include the Alliance with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NA, who will be responsible for making minivans to test the systems developed by the company, where we both autonomous systems as semi-autonomos. In addition to developing a shared travel platform, Yes, as is Tesla, Uber and Lyft are doing.

During this announcement also came to be known that Waymo made its first fully self-contained trip, which transported a person blind on the road in Austin, Texas, in October 2015.

According to the company, from now on, the objective is that people may use vehicles in everyday things, without the need to know driving, which will have the security that will come home to work, or to any other site, making sure something striking and that gives us an idea of the company’s focus: “Waymo is not a car company”.