We Have Tested: Smart Home Panasonic, to Go Quiet Holiday

One of the things that most concerns us at the time of go on vacation It is that our House is secure against the “friends of the alien” making their August… in August, hundreds of empty houses in neighborhoods or even cities closed for holidays.

If it is true that every year we will changing holiday habits and who more and who is less passes by his house between travel and travel, always should have a security system that protects our properties.

Is not the first time that you are talking about a security system of this type in Decoesfera, but the first to test it in a House on our free will, this month we have tested Panasonic Smart Home.

Police advice on not have our holiday plans in the workplace or in public (bars, cafes…) or, of course in social networks, since today, criminals are lurking everywhere, is essential a good security system.

The Basic Home Safety Kit composed by the Main hub You must connect to other two Accessories: a motion sensor and a door/window sensor. All these components are easily installed via a your smarphone app and, as the system is wireless, not have wires of by means.

Now I say unto you that install it has been child’s play, that is to say that we have installed it with the help of the dwarves, who will have fun muchism by opening doors and windows “making of thieves” and testing the alarm volume and motion sensors. This kit sensors can send alerts to the smart devices when something activates them (for example when a door or window opens and you’re not at home) directly to your phone or your Tablet.

The minimum requirements to install it are:

  • A wireless router with Internet connection
  • iPhone 4 and later, iPad (iOS 6.0 and later)
  • or an Android device (Android 4.0 or later) with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and microphone system.

The innovative system Panasonic Smart Home It works by technology DECT ULE (Ultra Low Energy), used in wireless telephony that improves the quality of the data transfer. This makes this system one of the safest, since the components are connected in a closed and invisible network to the Wi-Fi network, so it is perfect for connect home automation of security systems and energy monitoring.

The hub, in turn, is connected to the Wi-Fi network so it allows the remote through a Smartphone or tablet. Consequently, from anywhere You can activate or disable the detectors, activate or deactivate the camera, see live what is happening at home and even interact with those who are there.

I have tried the basic kit and it seemed a great idea, in fact sure we’ll go much more tranquil holiday, but in Panasonic you have many more accessories that you can incorporate so security can be completely personalized, created the measures of your needs.

Do you think the? Panasonic Smart Home?