What Is Hd-Cvi, Hd-Tvi and Ahd – Understand the Differences and How It Works

Personal speaking, welcome to the Club, I’m CCTV Everton, and I prepared another video very interesting for you, in this video, I’m going to talk about HD technology, I will talk about AHD, I will talk about HD-TVI and I will talk about HD-CVI. I’ve been reading a bit about it, I’ve been researching the technical differences between the three, the three technologies that are now in evidence, and I believe that this new technology in HD, it will take an extensive market, as well as the D1 was long being the best and such, I believe the HD technology, it will be now a long time until a new technology already exists, but a new market, a new focus for the market here in Latin America.

I don’t know if you know, even opening a parenthesis in this matter, the DVRs D1 CIF, it seems to me, if I’m wrong, someone correct me here, they are only manufactured for us here in South America, in Latin America. No other place in the world consumes more DVR D1 and CIF, just people here, and they are thus most CCTV systems of Brazil, follow this padrãozinho, D1, CIF. We have the habit to rely a lot by Sao Paulo right, which is the technological capital of Brazil here, but there are places in our country, outlying regions that still consume much DVR CIF, D1. But coming back here to the main focus of this video, I’m going to talk a little bit about the three’s? Some people confused, if the right one, if not, how it works, anyway, have questions in General.

So to start, I’m going to talk about aspect of overall functioning, for example, I need to have a special structure, run some kind of HD equipment, is one of three HD-TVI, CVI and AHD? No, you will continue using the same coaxial cables, if you use ITP cable, you will continue using ITP, the only difference that will change in a common project, or that people already use, are the cameras and DVRs, okay? If you put a DVR, HD to HD images, you will need to put compatible cameras, HD with this DVR. Another question, if the technologies are compatible with each other, for example, if I have a HD camera-CVI and call in a DVR AHD, if will work or vice versa.

No, it’s not going to work, this type of technology, they have changed a little from there operating systematic, let’s do a coarse comparaçãozinha with IP cameras, IP camera, the image rendered and all, comes in a package, and the DVR must be in the same camera Protocol and such. Now with these technologies became more or less so if you put a HD system-CVI, a DVR HD-CVI, the cameras will also have to be HD-CVI, not to make a merge between technologies. Another very common question, the HD-CVI is better than the TVI which is better than the AHD or AHD is best? No, they all run at 720 p. If we talk a little bit more theoretically about it then, the HD-CVI, which is selling in Brazil Intelbras, it is manufactured by Dahua, and only by Dahua, is a company that is in China if I’m not mistaken. So that this architecture, is a proprietary architecture, is a closed architecture, only the Dahua is able to manufacture HD-CVI, HD technology-CVI.

While the HD-TVI, he is manufactured by some great manufacturers out there, if I’m not mistaken is the Hikvision, TVT digital, Smart View, I won’t remember them all now, and I don’t know if it’s more than that too, anyway. But unlike HD-CVI which is own of Dahua, the HD-TVI, he is an open architecture, so that some manufacturers can manufactures it freely. Experts say that the HD-TVI, which is that you find in the Tecvoz in the JFL at the VMI, in CS if I’m not mistaken and should have a few more there, experts say that the HD-TVI is better than HD-CVI, say that is more stable, so that when they increase the resolution, there is already a project for 1080 p , it will be more stable and more functional than the HD-CVI which is still in development.

Another very important factor is pricing, as time passes the tendency is the price lower, according to what I read, the HD-CVI, tends to not download so easily than HD-TVI. And with respect to the AHD, which is an open architecture too, it is manufactured by a company that calls itself, is a Korean company if I am not mistaken, it’s called Nextchip, and this company manufactured the AHD, whoever sells here’s the Gig, Luxvision, Greatek also I think, not sure, the Alive too, something like that, is an architecture, too. But, also, from what I’ve researched, they have a hard time and up the resolution of the camera and DVR.

But to summarize, according to what we have today, they are all equal, and the average price is also a little similar. The technology is good, the trend now is that the lower values, the DVRs are so accessible, and the trend is that this download of price, and start getting longer in the pattern that we already have today, and marketing more common, and we will find more HD systems, so doing a glance AHD is AHD There are also, if I’m not mistaken, companies that have managed to make the AHD to be compatible with the HD-TVI which is an open architecture, but the AHD is AHD same, HD-TVI wheel with TVI cameras 720 p all CVI CVI, is manufactured by Dahua, just the Intelbras sells right?

I had thought about doing an comparaçãozinha through, I like to compare the gross things, for example, Iphone, own, own, own software unit, higher price. Android, open architecture, open source software and composition, hardware is also free right, each manufacturer has the your, has your Android and Customize to your equipment. Then it would be Iphone, it would be as if it were HD-CVI and Android like the HD-TVI OK? This means that one is better than the other, anyway, is one more comparison to illustrate the idea.

And concluding personal, it seems to me that they are already developing, including for many years, is a technology called HD-SDI, say that technology, she is so good, so good, she is confused with an image even television, for example, it seems to me that the quality is so high that you can watch as if it were a television channel the Globe, a TV channel closed, so good that it is, but like everything in Brazil is expensive, is time consuming, this is still just a speculation, it may take a long time.

So that’s it guys, I hope this has been an enlightening video, sometimes we start talking here and there’s no script, gets a little confusing, Hallelujah, if it got any questions and I can help comments here in the video, sign up on our channel, I left this DVR back here purposefully, I’ll make a video about it , I will talk about HD, so subscribe on our channel, we placed several tips weekly and that’s it, thanks guys and until the next video.