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Professional photographers specialized in photo shoots of landscapes and Australian Dylan Toh and Marianne Lim, they know what is spend hours of hard work on the outside to get the perfect picture, but you also know their children, which accompany them to their sessions.

If ever you’ve thought that how it would be work with your children, sure that these photographers know how.

I’d say they are a couple lucky, work in what they are passionate about, in the countryside and with stunning views and as if it wasn’t enough have their side what they want most in the world.

Have no doubt that it will have its difficulties and that will come a moment in which his daughters grow and they can not do so, but while that day comes will have enjoyed a magnificent family relationship very difficult to achieve in our days.

“If you want to take pictures with a baby on the back you need that backpack is quite comfortable for two”

It is one of their advice and something that we do not tire of repeating here is that backpacks and other baggage handling systems must be ergonomic and comfortable so that we can have a pleasant experience It is not much deliver us out with the baby cart if we are going to go home with broken back or if our baby is uncomfortable.

“Get ready for work as if you were playing the twister, with a weight on his back and all with security, of course.”

It is clear, which wants something somewhat trouble and in the end have to adapt our way of working to the new situation and as seen in the photographs the truth is that it has to be a work of contortion.

The couple of photographers has won several awards for photography and truth, seeing their jobs is not surprising.