What Would Have to Change Google Android in According to The EU after The Accusation of Nominante Position

It is the news of the day. The EU accuses Google of abuse of dominant position with Android and threatens millions of dollars fines. After several more than one year now threatening the European Commission has presented a formal charge sheet considering that Google is not complying laws antitrust.

The European Commission accuses Google of that is taking advantage of its dominant position with Android to impose restrictions and their services to Android device manufacturers and mobile network operators. Specifically accused him of three charges that Google immediately has defended through a press release.

What they accuse Google? As in the statement of objections submitted by the Commission alleging that Google has broken the rules antitrust of the EU in the following three points:

  • Demand from manufacturers that preinstall Google Search and the browser Google chrome and forcing them to select devices Google Search as default search service as a condition for licensing of certain exclusive apps from Google.
  • Prevent manufacturers to sell smart mobile devices that work with competing operating systems based on the open source Android.
  • Grant financial incentives to manufacturers and mobile network operators on the condition that preinstall exclusively Google Search on their devices.

Google Search and Chrome

On the first point of the statement the European Commission makes it very clear that he does not like in Android devices sold by the Google partners come installed Google Search and the Chrome browser inside Google Play Store license. The EC asks that Google stop forcing your browser to be the default search engine so manufacturers can put another browser default. The EC also wants that manufacturers are not required to install Chrome.

Google defends claiming that its agreements with partners are completely voluntary, that anyone can use Android without Google, like Amazon with its fork of Android. It is reported that manufacturers can choose which package of Google applications installed on their devices and freely add other applications from other companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, or Twitter, as for years manufacturers make the most.


In the second point of the statement the EC makes it clear that does not like the “security agreement” forcing Google to sign their partners. With this agreement the manufacturer who wants to pre-install Google applications is committed to not a fork of Android launch. The EC this not seem well and want that these forks of Android can also preinstall Google services.

Here Google alleges that “manufacturers who wish to participate voluntarily in the ecosystem Android are committed to test and certify that your devices are compatible with Android applications. Without this system, applications would not run an Android device to another. Imagine how frustrating it would be if an application you downloaded into an Android phone doesn’t work on the next Android phone from the same manufacturer”.

As we see at this point that calls the EC doesn’t make much sense, since it would be further fragmenting the Android ecosystem, that little device, and incompatible applications to each bring a fork of Android very customized. Developers may not develop for each one of the forks of Android, Google has to put order and allow only an official Android that will ensure the proper functioning of most applications and games.


In the third and final point of the list, we see that the EC does not want to Google partners exclusively installed your browser on their devices. The EC wants to by manufacturers to launch devices with other search engines on the home screen.

Google defends himself saying that Android is free and free for manufacturers, but for them it is expensive to develop, improve, keep safe and defend against claims of patent, and that the only way to offset the costs is through the income that they generate with applications and services from Google to distribute through Android.

Difficult to meet demands

See reasonable so asked the European Commission to Google? If you start out without the services of Google Android devices revenues would fall and Android might not be viable for the enterprise. Google integrates your browser on your Android as it does Apple with Siri on their iOS and Microsoft with Cortana in Windows. Which asks the EC to Google also could well also ask Apple and Microsoft. Here Google has the problem by its dominant position.