WhatsApp Two-Step Verification Is Now Available for All: So Is Active

Everything for more security, and we appreciate it: WhatsApp has allowed us to play with the check in two steps Since November of last year, but in a beta that until today it has not become a reality for the more than 1 billion users that has the messaging application.

When I say “for all” I mean those mobile users who have to Android, iOS or Windows Phone as operating systems, so few people escape to the possibility. By “two steps”? The first is the own home from the phone – with SMS or call-, which already serves as a way to authenticate the account, and the second, and new, a six digit code I have to create us.

WhatsApp seeks to reduce the risk of identity theft, offer the best security in an application that has no password

That code will be sued by WhatsApp application on a regular basis, something that does not like to everyone, since it can be uncomfortable, but I am sure that many will be important.

This new possibility can turn it very easily, through the following path: settings > account > two-step verification > activate. You may not now appear you, refreshes the application or wait a little, we will receive it during the day.

Once the six-digit code entered will become the key that you will need to activate your account on other devices. Comment that in addition You can associate an email that will be useful to disable this check, in the event that we do not want it, or you have lost the code.

It should be Beware of a situation: If we want to record our number but don’t have the code and do not provide mail, we can not activate our WhatsApp account to make it through seven days. To spend that week we will again have the opportunity to register on WhatsApp without having to code, but we will not receive pending messages. If they spend 30 days without entering the verification code, our account will be restarted, as if it were a new user.

I do not know whether in the manner most comfortable or effective, but WhatsApp is concerned about the vulnerability of our accounts, until now simply associated with the phone number, but 2016 was a year in which was a step forward in safety matters, such as the introduction of end-to-end encryption.