Wikileaks about The CIA Greater Filtering: Almost 9,000 Documents on Espionage with Smart TVs, Smartphones and Other

This time it is not a tweet or an isolated document. Having analyzed and verified the information that they say have, Wikileaks published on its portal “7 Vault”, a large collection of material on the activities of the CIA to divided into several parts and containing information on the so-called tools that the agency uses for use smartphones, computers, smart TVs and other devices to collect information.

The first part is titled “Year Zero” and contains the information of 8.761 documents and files from a network of high-security isolated from the center of the CIA in Langley, Virginia, offering as they explain at the beginning of the communication. The collection contains detailed several hundreds of millions of lines of code in a whole arsenal of hacking that include malware, virus, Trojans, exploits “zero day”, systems of malware by remote control and the associated documentation, and apparently came to Wikileaks after be circulating among hackers of the U.S. Government and third parties for unauthorized way.

Three years of hacking to home devices

According to detailed, the information analyzed covers the activity of the years between 2013 and 2016, already beginning by the highlight of this arsenal of malware and other tools that, according to the website, the CIA used in U.S. and European products, mentioning the iPhones, smartphones with Android and Windows and TVs Samsung, which would have acted in microphones.

This first installment entitled “Year Zero” contains almost 9,000 files, in particular 7.818 web with 943 annexes. According to Wikileaks hackers of the CIA division has about 5,000 users registered, responsible for producing these tools of espionage, in conjunction with an “infamous” fleet of drones. Something that describes as “his own NSA”, but do not give public answers about its activity, expenses or capabilities.

The tools and goals

The EDG (Engineering Development Group) would have been responsible for the development, testing and support of all the exploits, Trojans and other malware used by the CIA in its operations around the world. Specifically speak of an attack on the smart TVs Samsung in cooperation with the United Kingdom. MI5, that maintaining TVs running though for the owner seem that fake-off, were off acting this microphone and recording conversations that would be sent to the CIA by the network.

The smart TVs and smartphones would have served as microphones and cameras for the CIA

Also speaks of attacks on smartphones so they send information about geolocation, audio or communication of text, and can activate the camera and microphone. Techniques (developed either or obtained from the NSA and other organizations) were able to bypass to WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, or Weibo ciphers to the hack smartphones, and detailed that there was a special unit dedicated to producing malware that operate in the same way on those devices to Apple devices.

In addition to TVs and smartphones, computers with Windows, Mac, Linux and even routers included among the objectives to control the malware of the CIA. Here are tools distributed on CDs and DVDs, USB devices, virus or “Brutal Kangaroo” (which hiding data in pictures or in hidden areas of the disk and systems that make the infection continue). Some names of these systems are “Assassin”, “Jellyfish” or “Cutthroat” and “Swindle, malware attack and control multi-platform systems.

Apparently there were plans for an attack to most modern vehicles driving systems (cars and trucks), whose objective was not clear but that apparently would have allowed the CIA to connect with undetectable crimes.

And what says the CIA?

At the moment this just came out, but in the document there is a section of frequently asked questions on which they themselves pose if they fear any action from the Agency due to this publication and respond with a resounding “no”, limited to say that “it would certainly be counterproductive”. As they add, to the source of all this is basic be in the public domain and that there is a debate about it, on whether the CIA is exceeding its methods and about the danger of the ciberarmas end up in the hands of mafias and hackers with bad intentions.

This is only the first part of a series focused on the U.S. Agency and higher filtration than Wikileaks done on it so far

Hence, clarify the content of “Year Zero” has been revised and that the distribution of the ciberarmas has avoided at all times. Thus, this first part contains 8,761 internal CIA documents and, according to Wikileaks, it is only the first part of a series focused on the U.S. Agency and the mayor have done on it so far.

We will see more published about the CIA, by which we learned also some of the supposed targets of the NSA in terms of certain European leaders more than one year ago. Meanwhile, Assange continues without surrender after clarified that commutation of the sentence of Manning not met conditions so that it would do.