WWDC 2016: Everything You Believe That Apple Will Present Today Monday 13 June

On June 13 will begin in San Francisco, WWDC, Apple, the annual Convention in which mark that Captain Tim Cook meets with developers and the press to publicize its innovations in the face of its next month. At Engadget will be live at following everything that happens there, especially in the opening keynote of day 13-19.00 h, but What is known today of what to present Apple?

OS X does macOS? renovated which will include Siri

Siri for Mac, one of the most anticipated of the new macOS

Is becoming increasingly clear that OS x we will pass to macOS, but the name will not be the only change within the operating system of Apple Desktop. The most awaited, as confirmed Mark Gurman months ago, is the arrival of Siri to the desktop.

Are of them that they still see him too much sense to iTunes? Apple may be planning a complete renovation of the program… but only at the level of design, It seems. Some are that the company is eliminating downloads from iTunes-ready, but it seems unlikely and Gurman denies it (at least “yet”).

Many more details about new features that we will have, although there is speculation that he might enter a mode are not known in which computers can unlock from the phone and that Apple Pay will also be available in the desktop browser.

iOS 10, a mystery

Image that recreates how could be iOS in dark tones (is not real, is a simulation)

Apple really present few innovations or possibly this is one of the conferences that less information has been leaked. We know that we know the next iOS 10 (which surely is released in autumn with 7 iPhone), but very little information on it it has found so far.

See the invitation that heads this article? He is the officer of Apple, and why some expect (is the word: expect) that includes the new iOS a “dark” mode Let replace the sapwood grey dark tone to the user. Internet already circulating versions made by users about how could be this.

One of the most important novelties could come in the form of development for developers kit, and it is rumored that Apple It will finally open the Siri SDK to third parties. This would mean that the creators of apps could design features interact through the wizard’s voice-ready, and would make sense given that, as we will discuss later, Apple may be preparing a competitor to Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Regarding payments and security, believed that they will also have prominence during the event. On first, Apple Pay could reach soon the web so that the user does not have to enter your payment details each time you buy something. Also there could be news in the form of person-to-person payments via Apple Pay, Although many details are still not known. Finally, do more countries that we’ll see Apple Pay? WWDC would be the perfect setting. On security, and after the mess with the FBI after the San Bernardino case, is expected to Apple announce a better encryption of copies of iCloud.

Novelties are also expected at Apple Music with a complete redesign of the application, in which supposedly 3D Touch shortcuts will be integrated better and the interface is simplified significantly. Among the new features, rumors suggest that it could be incorporated the lyrics of the songs, so the user can read them on your device while listening to them without having to search them independently.

We also know that Apple is working on that users can delete the apps that come standard and they don’t need. It could be one of the novelties that include in their iOS 10. Changes in the App Store that are expected in principle already have announced them: possibility that any app charges subscription and not with single payment, advertising in apps browser and reduction of Apple in its Commission from 30% to 15%.

Finally, and this is one of the latest rumors although not directly related to iOS 10, rumor has it that Apple could release your application iMessage for Android. Would be a movement something strange by Apple, but it wouldn’t be something unprecedented: the giant that Tim Cook runs already last year launched Apple Music for Android.

WatchOS and tvOS renewals

They are also expected new versions of operating systems clock and Media Player from Apple, although in this case there are known many details about possible developments. From June 1 all apps for watchOS have to be native, so there you can see an interesting ad.

As for the update of tvOS, it is also a mystery. Refer to the Apple TV could become in a rival for Amazon Echo, Assistant speaker, in order to become the “hub” of the home. Does not appear that we we will see a new Apple TV at the moment (the current has very little in the market), but it remains to be seen how they intend to do this.

No new hardware news

So far have been talking about new software, but and the hardware? All rumors suggest that there will be many developments in this respect and the software will be the protagonist. In fact, at 9to5mac they spoke of a possible renewal monitor Thunderbolt Display (which, according to them, would bring Integrated GPU), although they later discarded to arrive in time for the June event.

There will renewal of MacBook Pro Retina be? 12-inch MacBook that received updates in components in April this year, but did not take place as well with Pro models. Still, both analysts and the own Mark Gurman believe that There will be no news in this regard the coming week.

Not expected news of hardware at this year’s WWDC: Apple has already updated some of their computers components and others have redesign, according to rumors, end of year

A redesigned MacBook Pro is expected for end of year, thinner and with a small screen OLED just above the keyboard (Word of Ming-Chi Kuo, popular analyst of KGI Securities, which confirmed the own Gurman). It seems reliable, although this contradicts fully to other rumours of last March that Digitimes ensured that we would see new computers from 13 to 15 inches in July.

Regarding the MacBook Air, and after the update to specifications of this month of April, it is virtually ruled out there news. With the emergence of the MacBook last year, it is not too clear what will end up happening with the Air. Refers to the possibility that the line ends up disappearing and that it be replaced by the redesigned “Pro” range. Or, at most, that the MacBook Air is “forgotten” as input range.

Finally, if we are to talk about iPhone and Apple Watch, none expected him to WWDC this year. The iPhone will be released in the fall, as usual (here you can see a summary of rumors). About the Apple Watch 2, and although it was initially rumored for this first half of the year, it seems that you will also have to wait to end of 2016.

Don’t miss the live WWDC in Engadget

You expect the Monday, June 13 to tell you all that live presents Apple in their WWDC. Takes note of the timetable:

  • Spain: 19:00
  • Canary Islands: 18:00
  • Mexico / Colombia / Ecuador / Peru: 12:00
  • Chile / Venezuela: 13:00
  • Argentina: 14:00