50 States and Nicknames

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The abbreviations are shortening of words or acronyms of expressions used because of the speed at which we currently communicate through social networks.

So, the written language has changed significantly, and users make significant use of abbreviations or acronyms in their communications on a daily basis.

Thus, the use of abbreviations has spread across the various social networks, especially the most used ones such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

In general, these abbreviations or acronyms may be derived from English words or expressions that, because of their widespread use, have been incorporated into other languages, such as ours.

Below are the most commonly used social media abbreviations.

  1. +1

According to abbreviationfinder, this abbreviation is intended to expressly express that shared information is recommended, usually via Twitter.

To emphasize your recommendation, it is customary to add more zeros, for example + 10… In the social network Google+, this abbreviation is used to indicate that the shared content is appreciated by the user.

  1. as soon as possible

ASAP is an acronym derived from the English phrase English As soon as possible, translated as tran as soon as I canʼ. It is common in written communication, generally in the business field, to use to request a quick response from the sender, which adds a certain priority.

  1. VAT

by the way or By the way, is an abbreviation used in chats, especially when during the conversation forgot to mention or clarify some kind of important information.

  1. CC

CC is the abbreviation derived from derived

Cc’tje and it is translated as “with a copy”. It is common to use this abbreviation in those networks in which the main receiver, to whom an information or message is sent, can be distinguished from the secondary one, as with Twitter.

  1. DM

DM is short for Direct Message, which translates as ʽdirect messageʼ, and is commonly used on Twitter.

DMs or direct messages are messages that can only be read by the recipient so that information can be shared, clarified or discussed privately and far from the opinion of third parties.

  1. GTG

GTG corresponds to: Go to go or ʽI must goʼ, it is common to use in chats. It’s a way to end a conversation quickly and without giving a lot of details about why you should back off.

  1. LMAO

LMAO or Laughing From My Ass, translated as “I break my ass with laughter.” This is an informal abbreviation and is derived from an exaggerated version of the popular LOL.

  1. BFF

BFF means: Best Friends Forever, and it is translated as ʽBest Friends Foreverʼ, and whose abbreviation is used by some people to use in Spanish as MAPS, because of its translation.

  1. BRB

BRB or Be right back, in Spanish “now I’m back” or “I’m back”, it is common to use in the chats of networks such as WhatsApp or Facebook, in this way others are informed of your absence at a specific time.

  1. LOL

LOL or Whoops with laughter, can be translated as “laughing out loud”. It is widely used in almost all social networks, but in informal contexts. However, its use has declined a bit due to the use of emoticons that can express these types of emotions in a more graphical way.

  1. OMG

OMG you O my God! translates as “oh my God!” This abbreviation is intended to represent an expression of amazement or surprise. It is widely used by users who work in the English language.

  1. TBT

TBT or Throwback Thursday, translated as Thursday back in timeʼ or toback to last Thursdayʼ, is only used on Thursdays when users of networks such as Instagram or Facebook share images or videos of past moments with the hashtag #TBT.

  1. XD

This abbreviation is not derived from a word or phrase, rather it is a graphic expression representing happiness and lots of laughter. It is used in many social networks and in informal situations.

  1. YOLO

YOLO or You only live once, which translates to ‘you only live once’. This is a common abbreviation among users who speak fluent English, and it is used to justify actions performed for fun and without measuring the risks.

  1. FB

This abbreviation corresponds to Facebook, one of the social networks with the largest reach and number of users. For example: “The photos of the students’ meeting are published by the FB group so that they can be seen by those who did not attend the meeting.”

  1. EM

It is used to refer to email or email. For example, “Don’t forget to send me an EM with the monthly work report.”

  1. HT

It refers to a hashtag, which is widely used in various social networks such as Instagram or Facebook. For example “#friends #dinner #Friday”.

  1. FTF

Face To Face, ie ‘face to face’. It is used when it is suggested to have a conversation in person and not remotely. For example, “We should meet FTF tomorrow afternoon.”

  1. J / K

It is derived from the phrase Just Kidding, which translates as “it’s a joke”. For example: “I can’t join you tonight… Lie J / K;-)”

  1. FBF

Flash Back Friday is used in the networks to tag and share images or videos from the past, but on Friday as follows: #FBF.

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