Capital city Jefferson City
Population 6,160,281 (2020)
Surface 180,693 km²
Governor Mike Parson (R)
Member of the US since 1821

Missouri is one of the fifty states of the United States. The state is located in the center of the country. MO is the abbreviation for Missouri. Its nickname is ‘The Show Me State’, which means ‘The Show Me State’. With 6,010,688 residents, Missouri is the 17th most populous state in the US. Missouri’s two largest rivers meet, the Missouri and the Mississippi. The city of Saint Louis is located where these rivers converge . Missouri borders the states of Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. The capital of Missouri is Jefferson City.


There are a few cities in Michigan. Here are the five largest.

Missouri’s Largest Cities

Name Inhabitants County
1. Kansas City 463.202 Jackson, Clay, Platte & Cass Counties
2. Saint Louis 319,294 Independent city
3. Springfield 159,498 Greene County
4. Independence 116.830 Jackson County
5. Columbia 108,500 Boone County

How many counties in Missouri? The State of Missouri comprises 114 counties and one independent city.

Saint Louis

The skyline of Saint Louis. The large arch is the Gateway Arch.

Saint Louis (abbreviated: St. Louis) is the second largest city in the US state of Missouri. The city has 318,172 inhabitants. The city is located where the two major rivers Mississippi and Missouri meet.


Saint Louis was founded in 1764 by Pierre Laclede Liguest, a Frenchman who emigrated (moved) to America. A lot of French people lived there. In 1770 the village was sold to Spain and in 1803 it came to the United States. Six years later, in 1809, Saint Louis became a city. In 1904, both the Summer Olympics and the World’s Fair were held in Saint Louis.

Gateway Arch

In 1965, the Jefferson Westward Expansion Memorial, known as the Gateway Arch, opened. This 192 meters high and 192 meters wide arch stands on the banks of the Mississippi. The Gateway Arch is a monument to two things. It symbolizes the many settlers who moved west after 1803. Many of them passed through Saint Louis. He also symbolizes the “Dred Scott Case”. This lawsuit made many Americans think about slavery.


Four major highways converge in Saint Louis. In addition to the car, the residents of Saint Louis also use public transport. The city has two metro lines and 75 bus lines, which also provide public transport in the suburbs. The Saint Louis metro is called MetroLink and has both underground and overground stations. Saint Louis also has a train station: Gateway Multimodal Transportation Center. Saint Louis used to have the busiest and largest station in the world: Saint Louis Union Station, but that station was converted into a hotel and shopping center in 1985. Saint Louis’ main airport is Lambert–St. Louis International Airport.


Saint Louis has three major sports clubs. Baseball is played by the St. Louis Cardinals, ice hockey by the St. Louis Blues, and American football (which is completely different from our football !) by the St. Louis Rams.

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Kansas City

Kansas City Skyline

Kansas City is the largest city in the US state of Missouri with 480,129 inhabitants in 2007. It is the 36th largest city in the country, but not the capital of Missouri. Kansas City is located opposite the town of the same name Kansas City in the state of Kansas. Together they form an agglomeration of around 2 million inhabitants. But the Kansas City here in Missouri is bigger than that of the state of Kansas. Kansas City is a global city in the making with one point. The city is known for its interest in jazz music and rhythm and blues.

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Interstate 155 in Tennessee

Begin Haiti
End Dyersburg
Length 27 mi
Length 43 km
1 → Memphis / St. Louis4 Caruthersville

6 Caruthersville

Caruthersville Bridge

2 Great River Road

7 Lenox

13 Dyersburg

15 Dyersburg

Interstate 155 or I -155 is an Interstate Highway in the US states of Missouri and Tennessee. The interstate connects the college town of Dyersburg with Interstate 55. The route is 43 kilometers long.

Travel directions

De Caruthersville Bridge over de Mississippi River.

I-155 at Lenox in Tennessee.

Interstate 155 forms Tennessee’s only Mississippi intersection outside of Memphis. The interstate connects Interstate 55 in Missouri to US 51 in Tennessee, connecting Hayti and the small town of Dyersburg in Tennessee. I-155 has 2×2 lanes and passes through flat terrain with meadows. US 412 also crosses I-155.


It was once the intention to construct Interstate 155 as I-24W, which would then continue to Interstate 40 at Jackson. US 412 now runs this route and is mostly grade-separated. The Caruthersville Bridge opened to traffic in 1976. The Tennessee section opened in November 1979.

Traffic intensities

Every day 10,000 vehicles cross the Mississippi River bridge and 14,000 vehicles pass Dyersburg. This makes I-155 the quietest Interstate Highway in Tennessee.

Missouri - The Show Me State

Missouri – The Show Me State
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