Approach is the process and the consequence of approaching: approach, approach or approach. According to DigoPaul, the concept of approach is often used to refer to obtaining a result that, although not exact, is close to accuracy.

For example: “The final results of the election are not yet known, but the approximation indicates that the ruling candidate won by a difference of between five and six points”, “Scientists were unable to discover the exact place where the temple was located, but they decided to start the excavation by approach ”, “ I do not have the precise data, but an approximation indicates that the last rainfall exceeded 40 millimeters of fallen water ”.

In the field of mathematics, an approximation is a representation that, although not exact, is considered useful thanks to its fidelity to reality. The number pi, in this framework, is usually represented by an approximation: 3.14. However, this irrational number is infinite (3,1415926535…). The approximation allows working with a simple number to handle that is not far from the real value.

During a real-time computer physics simulation, an approximation is often sufficient to terminate it; if the calculations are not forced to stop, they are likely to take too long and consume the processing resources required to service other processes.

Irrational numbers are those that cannot be expressed as a fraction, with a numerator and a numerator that are both nonzero and integers. In a nutshell, we can say that any real number (includes irrationals, as well as zero, negatives, and positives) that is not rational (positive, zero, and negative numbers) is an integer. Taking the example of the approximation that we can see in pi, the aperiodic infinite decimals (they do not have a repeating decimal chain) are framed in this group of irrational numbers.

The idea of ​​approach is also related to a physical or symbolic approach. If a meteorologist talks about the approach of a hurricane to the coasts of a country, he is referring to the fact that said cyclone is approaching the territory of the nation (that is, it is moving towards it). An approach between two political leaders from different parties, on the other hand, may involve searching for common ground in their positions or projects, minimizing differences.

The approach in the lottery

In many countries, the lottery enjoys immense popularity: millions of people buy their tickets with impeccable discipline, and likewise check the results of the draws with the illusion of being the lucky ones who will leave their economic problems behind. But, despite being a game of chance that does not require any type of activity on the part of the participants, it hides a certain degree of complexity that not everyone knows.

In addition to the winning number, there are at least two other prizes, which are awarded to tickets with approximations; In this context, we understand this term as the numbers that are one unit behind and one before the winner. For example, if the first prize is awarded to 83427, then their approximations are 83426 and 83428; for their owners there will be juicy sums of money.

Although this check does not require great mathematical skills, it seems to make players very nervous, perhaps due to the confusion that results from the excitement of a millionaire draw. The second and third prizes also have their respective approximations, each with a lower amount than the previous one, and there are more prizes for certain combinations of figures similar (or approximate, if you like) to that of the winning number.


Meaning of Approach