According to DigoPaul, people suffering from arachnophobia are terrified and repulsed by spiders. Like all phobias, this disorder involves irrational fear and obsessive abhorrence, in this case by arachnids.

For example: “The psychologist told me that I have arachnophobia since, when I see a spider, I can’t help screaming”, “I have suffered from arachnophobia since I found a tarantula under my bed”, “I don’t like spiders, but it is not so much: I don’t have arachnophobia ยป.

The specialists affirm that it is one of the most frequent phobias. The people who suffer this evil looking to stay away from the places where they think they can live spiders. They also tend to stay away from spider webs as it is an indication of the presence of these animals.

The irrational component of arachnophobia is noted in many details. There are individuals who, if they know that there is a spider in a room, refuse to enter it, despite the fact that there is almost no chance of making direct contact with the arachnid due to space issues.

In its most extreme manifestations, arachnophobia can influence a person’s decision regarding where to reside or where to travel on vacation. The arachnophobic can even stop strolling outdoors for fear of spiders.

When overcoming this phobia, which is the most frequent of the animal type, it is necessary to carry out a certain psychological treatment. Hence, it is necessary to resort to professionals in this health area to put an end to that fear that, on many occasions, can greatly determine the life of those who suffer from it.

In this sense, as has been determined by experts in the field, three are the most frequent treatments used to end said phobia. One of them is the one called “deconditioning” and basically consists of uniting objects that are pleasant to the patient with stimuli that he is afraid of.

The second technique used against arachnophobia is the so-called “flood” and it is perhaps the “most aggressive” of all those used. And it is basically a matter of subjecting the patient directly to the situation that gives him dread while trying to convince him to stay in it until he feels more comfortable. The progressive exposure of the same to said circumstance will be the one that in the end will end his fear.

And finally the third procedure used is the so-called “systematic desensitization”. Very similar to the previous technique is this although with different nuances. In this specific case that concerns us when the person with the phobia is in a relaxed state, he gradually submits himself to the situation he is afraid of. That exhibition can start being something imaginary until it becomes the most absolute reality.

Finally, it should be noted that Arachnophobia is the title of a film directed by Frank Marshall and produced by Steven Spielberg, which was released in 1990. John Goodman, Jeff Daniels and Julian Sands are some of the actors who starred in this film that is part of the horror genre.


Meaning of Arachnophobia