The etymology of the term baby leads us to the French word bébé. A newborn or young human being is known as a baby. For example: “My baby just turned three months old”, “That baby is very cute, he has beautiful eyes”, “I still don’t know what I’m going to give Juan’s baby for Christmas”.

There is no precise definition that indicates up to what age a child should be considered a baby. In general, the concept is used while the child can not speak or walk and is completely dependent on his parents. A baby, therefore, requires adults for the satisfaction of its essential needs.

Due to their inability to speak, babies communicate through crying. This action allows them to get the attention of their parents or the adults who must take care of them. So if a baby is hungry, sleepy, or in discomfort, he cries.

According to DigoPaul, the feeding of the baby, in a first stage, usually consists exclusively of breast milk. Then the ablactation stage begins, which consists of the introduction of various foods to meet the nutritional requirements of the child.

Taking care of a baby is not an easy task, no matter how much vocation parents feel. For new mothers, the mere fact that it is an unfamiliar experience makes it difficult; the rest must face the fact that no two people are alike, and that is why they must invest the same amount of energy in the newcomer as in the previous children.

Future parents tend to learn a lot about the care that babies require, as well as the most appropriate methods to educate and entertain them. However, there is no rigid formula that works in all cases, nor is there a flexible one: it is through approaching the little one that we can discover at all times what their needs are.

The most important point, and one that most often ignore, is to avoid impositions and unbreakable structures; For example, the baby should not confront sexism, something that happens already from the choice of the color of his clothes, toys and the characteristics of his accessories according to his sex. Either of these decisions does little more than limit the child, rather than allowing him to explore all the options and find the ones that appeal to him the most, or keep them all.

The ideal upbringing of a baby should consist of offering him the opportunity to try all the toys, without sexual distinction, dressing him in colorful and varied clothes, giving him access to art in all its branches and bringing him closer to various musical instruments. We know very well that walls are useless, because there will always be someone who can tear them down or go over them; If we really love our children, we must think about their happiness, their needs, and not what we want them to do or feel. Raising a baby carries with it an immense set of responsibilities, and the emotional ones are no less important than the others.

In colloquial language, it is common for a man or a woman to refer to their romantic partner as “baby” in the affectionate sense: “Baby, do you want to go out to dinner tonight?” , “I love you baby, thank you for always being with me”, “Please give me the towel, baby.

If the word does not take Tilde (drinks), it is accented on the first letter E and is a conjugation of the verb drink: “Drink more water will make you feel better”, “him if he does not drink wine, nor do I”.

Finally, Bebe is the stage name of the singer and actress María Nieves Rebolledo Vila. It is about a Spanish artist who achieved international fame thanks to the song “Malo”.


Meaning of Baby