From the Latin beneficentia, beneficence is the virtue of doing good. Whoever practices charity is called a benefactor. For example: “The businessman was shown in public at a charity event that took place in a southern town”, “The singer confessed that charity occupies a very important place in her life”, “Charity is important to solve problems urgent, but the leaders must work on the basic solutions ”, “ The president announced that he will donate his salary to charitable groups ”.

According to DigoPaul, charity is often associated with philanthropy, a term of Greek origin that means “love of humanity. ” The philanthropist has a constructive attitude and tries to help others without interest in his response or asking for something in return.

The concept of charity is used to name the set of institutions and services with charitable purposes. These solidarity efforts can be developed by autonomous individuals or by organized groups within organizations or entities.

This means that any person can approach a carenciado neighborhood and donate clothes, food, etc., which is an act of charity; On the other hand, there is the option of going with donations to an NGO dedicated to selflessly helping those who need it most. In this way, solidarity is channeled through a charity.

The advantage of the institutions of beneficence is that, thanks to its greater infrastructure and resources, can reach more places and, therefore more people. Individuals who practice charity in isolation face various difficulties in expanding the flow of their aid.

Few associate the names of the great companies of the world of informatics with charitable issues; But behind many of the most important companies of today, there are also great philanthropic movements.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

In addition to his responsibility at Microsoft, Bill Gates owns the largest charitable foundation in the world. Among its objectives is to bring innovation in the fields of education and health to all countries, and highlights its research work to combat HIV. This philanthropic facet of the colossus of computing came to light in 2000, with the help of Melinda, his wife. It is worth mentioning that his projects have the collaboration of other magnates, such as Warren Buffet, who announced in 2006 that he would donate around 30 billion dollars to the foundation.


For many it is no more than a search engine, but it is a company of incalculable strength today, thanks to its immense popularity and its omnipresence on the Internet. Fortunately, it dedicates part of its technological and research resources to charitable causes. Some of its plans are the prediction and prevention of diseases, the information and promotion of public services, the promotion of the use of renewable energy and the collaboration with the development of small and medium-sized companies.


Through Yahoo! Employee Foundation (YEF, which translates to Yahoo! Employees Foundation), this colossus of online services is dedicated to offering its support to non-profit organizations thanks to having the necessary time, talent and financial resources. It is a foundation born in 1999; Among the pillars on which it bases its operation are the donations of its followers and the selfless collaboration of those who wish to participate.

It is important to note that this foundation is run by the employees of Yahoo! and focuses primarily on supporting youth, promoting equal education, improving the community environment, and protecting the environment.


Meaning of Charity