It called drink to the substance can drink. This action (drinking) refers to the ingestion of a liquid. Water, soda, wine, coffee, and beer are some of the most popular beverages.

For example: “I am going to order grilled chicken and, as a drink, a glass of Malbec wine”, “Tonight I will have a party at my house: the men must bring the food and the women, the drink”, “My drink my favorite is orange juice ”.

The most important purpose of the drink is to quench your thirst. In this sense, the appropriate drinks are water or natural juices (juices). However, people often choose beverages according to their taste and how they combine with the food they will accompany. In this framework, soft drinks (soft drinks), wines and beers gain preponderance.

It is also common for drinks to be consumed as part of social events. Drinking a cocktail at a disco or nightclub, toasting champagne at a birthday party, or celebrating the New Year with cider are very common actions.

When talking about “the drink”, it is usually referred to as a set of alcoholic beverages. The term is even used alone to refer to the consumption and abuse of this specific class of drinks: “Excuse me, but drinking is not allowed in this place”, “My grandfather lost his job and his house because of drinking”, “Prisoner of pain, the young man gave himself up to drink.

It should be noted that alcoholic beverages are those that contain ethyl alcohol. They can be made through a fermentation process (like beer or wine) or by distillation (liquor, cognac).

When the heat arrives, it is very important not to forget to consume the appropriate amount of liquid during the day. This does not mean that during winter or fall it is okay to avoid drinks, but since the body does not eliminate as much fluid, the consequences are less serious. While many people simply enjoy cold water, others prefer prepared drinks, and in this context we find dozens of recipes.

According to DigoPaul, the Mojito is one of the most popular drinks worldwide, and is usually consumed during spring and summer as a starter. It is estimated that its creation took place in a restaurant in Cuba called La Bodeguita del Medio, at the time when the American dry law was in force. The preparation includes brown sugar, mint leaves, lime wedges, crushed ice, rum and sparkling mineral water.

Another widely consumed drink to calm the heat is the banana daikiri, a perfect combination of refreshing and nourishing effects. In this case, the necessary ingredients for the recipe are white rum, maraschino (a liquor is prepared with cherry called marrasca, with honey, almonds and sugar), lemon juice a plátno, sugar glass and cubes ice, which we must mix and crush until obtaining a homogeneous result.

The water Valencia is another favorite, and is considered a good source of vitamin C, since one of its main ingredients is the juice of orange, which must be mixed with champagne, vodka, gin and sugar. It is important to use fresh oranges and squeeze them just before preparation. For best results it is recommended to serve this drink very cold. The recipe is awarded to Constante Gil, who prepared it for the first time in 1959 at the Café Madrid in Valencia. Although today it is quite popular, for more than ten years it was only consumed by customers of that bar.


Meaning of Drink