The act and consequence of aiming is called aiming. The verb to point, for its part, is used to refer to the action of writing or making notes about a certain thing or circumstance; to highlight something in a text to find it more easily and quickly; to add a person to a record or listing; to have someone available to participate in group actions or practices; or to have firearms.

According to DigoPaul, the notion of notes, therefore, can serve to identify the annotations that are left in writing about a certain thing or situation. For example: “Can you lend me your notes? I want to know what the teacher talked about in those classes that I missed while I was sick “, ” I already read the book, now I have to study the notes “, ” I wrote so fast that I do not understand my own handwriting in the notes “.

As many of you will know, notes are frequent in the educational field, especially in university classes. Students take notes of what the teacher said as a summary of each class. In this way, when preparing an exam, they can go to their notes to review the contents.

The journalists also often take notes during interviews or coverage of a press conference or other event. The notes, once again, serve as a memory aid to be able to return to the subject in the future. In certain cases, the notes are a support of the material that is being recorded in some other medium (audio recording, filming, etc.).

Finally, in a play, the notes are the expressions of a person (the prompter) whose function is to remind participating artists of what they should say on stage.

Take notes or make notes

Knowing how to write notes can be extremely useful in the school period that covers secondary and higher education, since a greater number of concepts can be retained in the study notebook, which can be subsequently reinforced effectively.

It is necessary to point out that for this it is essential that as the student writes in his notebook, he is able to analyze and understand what he expresses in order to grasp the clean idea when he must resort to it to prepare for an exam; It is not enough to write quickly, but to know how to grasp what is important and write it in the most synthetic way possible but with effective results.

Some specialists in the study of the learning process prefer to use the concept of “making notes” instead of “taking notes” because they believe that it expresses better the idea that this action entails. It is not that the student writes everything he hears, because it is impossible to put into practice, but to capture the fundamental idea and be able to contain in his notebook the information that the teacher is offering in front of the class, in such a way So that when you return to the notebook to prepare an exam, the notes taken are useful to you.

If we analyze the idea of ​​”taking notes” we can understand that it is a passive action, while that of “making notes” we understand that there is a process of elaboration; indicates that the information is manipulated in such a way that it can be fixed in the notebook.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in order to capture the information in a concise and useful way, there are many tools available to students, which must be chosen taking into account the capacity of each one. In the case of those students who find it easier to retain the information from visual elements, for example, it will be extremely useful to use colors and diagrams, to enhance study hours.


Meaning of Notes