National University of José C. Paz (UNPAZ). Universidad Nacional Argentina located in the city of José Clemente Paz, Buenos Aires, with the aim of providing a free education that allows the efficient exercise of the respective career chosen by each of the students. It was created in 2009 by Law No. 26,577.

Historical review

The creator of the law for the formation of said university was the Argentine Ambassador in Uruguay, Ing. Dante Dovena, who in the Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation, promoted the project initiated by the former Mayor Mario Ishii. The Argentine Embassy in Bolivia was the venue for the signing of the first international agreement signed by this University. Its first rector was Dr. Battaglia, Alejandro.

Values ​​and functions

The values ​​that underpin the strategic vision of UNPAZ are based on premises of equity and academic excellence.

  • Equity as a fundamental pillar that allows the development of education for all, without any distinction. So that all people who come from different social strata can have the same possibilities encompassing an inclusive sense.
  • Academic excellence as a budget for the comprehensive training of our students.

The conjunction of these two values ​​allows developing the principles that support the premise of “Education for all”


The objectives that are pursued from UNPAZ, have as a goal to generate the tools that allow the integral formation of students.

And among them we can highlight:

  1. Provide free education that allows the efficient exercise of the respective career that each of our students has chosen, while also generating their personal development in different aspects.
  2. Pursue academic excellence with an inclusive education system available to all, ensuring that all the tools derived from educational quality are available to all interest groups.
  3. Provide the necessary resources so that our students can develop their interests in the appropriate way.
  4. Generate an educational process that allows cultural development and the formation of principles of transcendent level that allow the graduates of this University to stand out.
  5. Seek the training of professionals committed to the development of society and who carry out their actions promoting the continuous search for equity.
  6. May this University become a banner that is transmitted among the different generations that study at it.
  7. Contribute to the processes of advancement of society by creating and developing programs that allow research, analysis, the development of new postulates and any other activity that pursues such goals.



It is the main campus of the University is located in the City of José Clemente Paz.

Other locations

San Martín Headquarters, is named for being located in the General Catholic Institute José San Martín (Franciscan Tertiary Sisters of Charity) Bragado Headquarters, located in the City of Bragado. It works in the Western Regional Center, where the Bachelor of Nursing degree is taught.


  • Law and Legal Sciences.
  • Industry and Technological Innovation.
  • Health Sciences.
  • Economic Sciences.
  • Social Sciences and Humanities.

National University of José C. Paz

National University of José C. Paz (Argentina)