British Broadcasting Corporation is known by its acronym BBC by abbreviationfinder. It is the public radio, television and internet service of the United Kingdom, with more than nine decades of experience. It is the largest communication group in the world with about 23,000 employees. It is independent of commercial or political controls and operates under a royal statute that guarantees such independence. The BBC has a network of more than 250 correspondents on British soil and more than 100 capital cities around the world.

Its largest subsidiary company is the BBC in London.


Early years

The BBC was founded as a private company (British Broadcasting Company Ltd) on October 18, 1922. The original company was founded by six telecommunications companies: Marconi, Radio Communication Company, Metropolitan-Vickers, General Electric, Western Electric, and British Thomson-Houston. The first experimental radio broadcast was on November 14, 1922 from station 2LO.

The company was liquidated on 1 January of of 1927 and became a non – commercial entity under a Royal Decree. The corporation now called the British Broadcasting Corporation obtained a coat of arms and adopted the motto ” The nation will speak of peace to the Nation.”

Raid on Television

From 1929 the BBC began to broadcast in different experimental television formats. The 2 of November of 1936 was officially launched television transmission chain. It had a complete monopoly until 1955, the year in which the ITV commercial chain was launched.

Broadcasts were suspended on 1 of September of 1939 to the 7 of June of 1946 because of the World War II.

Current television broadcasts have multiple channels, including HD broadcasts. BBC also has news channels and only for children.


In November 2010, the corporation was involved in chaos after journalists working for the network staged a strike against the projected cuts to pensions, planned by the corporate administration. [1] High-profile commentators and presenters such as Martha Kearney, Nicky Campbell, Fiona Bruce, and Huw Edwards joined the protest, creating a vacuum in large-audience shows. Journalists publicly expressed mistrust in the management of BBC Director General Mark Thompson.

In May 2011, the BBC was criticized by the House of Commons’ Culture, Media and Sports committee, which expressed “disappointment” that the money received by its star presenters had not been reported until now. [2] The station has also been criticized by the parliamentary committee for hiring an executive in the US to oversee the transfer of several of its departments from London to Salford Quays, near Manchester, in an attempt to decentralize its operations..

Errors towards Cuba

In January 2011, the BBC approached Venezuelan ommunicologist Antonio Pasquali to comment on the installation of the submarine cablebetween Venezuela and Cuba. Giving signs of clear disinformation, the Venezuelan and the British news company confused the current University of Informatics Sciences (UCI), with a Chinese military base. < [3] The UCI is located in the place that formerly occupied a Soviet military installation first and Russian later, already disappeared.

BBC London

BBC London. English region of the BBC producing television, local services, radio and teletext and surrounding area locations. Its main television programs include BBC London News (daily) and Politics Show (weekly). He also manages the radio station BBC London 94.9 and local coverage of the London area.The BBC London headquarters are located in the new Egton Wing complex of Broadcasting House since 2009, previously they were located on Marylebone High Street in London Central.

Brief history

The BBC launched the 1 of October of 2001 changes to the coverage areas of the transmitters of the BBC allowing the establishment of new publishing areas.

London and its environs have had a news service on BBC television for several decades, but the boundaries of the BBC region have always been a bit hazy due to the coverage areas of the transmitters. Therefore, while the main focus of regional news coverage for this area is the capital itself, in the surrounding sectors the coverage allows them to catch the BBC London signal.

The television newscast was launched as BBC LDN on screen, an abbreviation for London as used in text messages. The name of the newscast is not mentioned verbatim by the presenters.


The BBC London News program is broadcast daily on BBC One as short bulletins. The program has had several changes in its introductions, the most recent being the one that occurred on December 12, 2005, with a new sequence of titles and a musical tune. The current titles show a series of videos with different scenes of London life, separated by a white band that crosses the screen until the BBC London logo appears. Comparisons are unavoidable with regional business competition.


BBC London Radio combines talk shows and music 24/7. The radio station has a diverse group of presenters who have hosted various programs.

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