The adjective ungainly, according to the definition mentioned in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), refers to the lack of panache. This term (garbo), for its part, can refer to the good disposition and structure of the body, grace or gallantry.

Precisely garbo we have to explain that it is a word that derives from the Italian “garbo”, which is synonymous with “model” or “grace”. However, that in turn comes from the Arabic “qâlib”, which meant “mold”, and she does the same from the Greek “kalopous”, which can be translated as “shoe last”.

For example: “As a boy I was somewhat gangly, but in my teens I started going to the gym and developed good muscles”, “Security cameras recorded a gangly young man at the crime scene; investigators are trying to identify him”, “The actor was surprised by his lanky appearance at the premiere of the film”.

The idea of ​​ungainly is usually linked to individuals who are thin, with an underdeveloped physical build. These are usually tall people whose weight is low in relation to their height.

Someone lanky can change their appearance by exercising to gain muscle mass and by changing their diet. That way, with the help of a physical trainer and nutritionist, you might stop being gangly. In any case, the concept of ungainly is not necessarily associated with people with health problems or with some type of organic imbalance.

Synonyms of ungainly are, for example, lanky, ungainly, clumsy, disproportionate or even clumsy. On the contrary, antonyms of this term at hand are graceful and even handsome.

Another use of the notion relates to a stooped or cavalier posture. A man who walks upright, with his head held high, is not gangly, quite the opposite. Body posture is tied to the physical characteristics of each human being, but it is also linked to the subject’s attitude.

It is also important to know that being gangly, adopting a stooped posture brings with it serious health problems. And that person is going to suffer from back pain to a higher risk of arthritis and even spinal problems.

Precisely for this reason, it is necessary for that individual who walks ungainly to take measures as soon as possible to avoid doing so and not to put their well-being and health at risk. For this reason, it is recommended that he adopt measures that will help him correct his posture, such as the following:

-Sit correctly.

-Learn to walk upright.

-Resort to strengthening the muscles of your back.

-Practice sports disciplines that help you care for and protect your back, such as Pilates, for example.

-Likewise, exercises that strengthen the abdominals and help improve posture such as planks, back flys, exercises to improve the state of the buttocks and thighs are also suitable.

-Avoid standing with your shoulders raised.


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